Don’t forget the enterprise website optimization marketing mode allows two way operation twice

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how in the process of Web site optimization to increase marketing genes? Generally speaking, website optimization is divided into two parts of content construction and the construction of the chain, so the optimization of the two parts has become an important basis in marketing. In the content construction, website content to be standing in the industry point of view, the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height were analyzed, and introduced to the enterprise product advantages, this internal propaganda is a subtle, rather than direct advertising words, this potential content construction, not only can play the role of website optimization at the same time, can also be other enterprise websites, the formation of viral marketing effect.

optimization personnel must think, ordinary enterprise website content, it is difficult to become the object of other websites, then to optimize the role of staff, will be passive to wait for others to reprint, into their own initiative to reprint, construction of this kind of active reproduced but also to the chain by increasing the extended reading of the link, it is the action which can shoot two hawks with one arrow, effectively improve the optimization function of the website, because even love Shanghai Scindapsus update algorithm, let the chain construction site has more requirements, the original content with the chain, can reflect the essence of the construction of the chain well, so as to enhance the website optimization effect.

in the optimization process to integrate marketing ideas, but in the professional marketing also want to raise cash to optimization, currently in the network marketing, the core is social networking platform for marketing, marketing in this way is more capable of producing viral, such as a micro-blog V reprint information often can cause the attention of countless people, a little information can contain a huge marketing power, which is the other marketing methods can not be compared, but I believe that in these social platforms, can also pay attention to the construction of the chain and content construction. "

a lot of enterprise website content is relatively small, this obviously constitutes a congenital deficiency of Web site optimization, although many enterprises in the process of building the website have been aware of this problem and put forward the content of news release system, through the method of news richness seems to enhance the content of the web site, but in general, this release the way news is not able to effectively promote the enterprise website construction, many just as decoration, because the contents do not know how to write, do not know how to do optimization.

Website Optimization Marketing Analysis of

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is simple to some enterprise web site optimization and optimization, and simple ranking does not rise can effectively promote the website operation effect, can not enhance the site’s profit margins, the author thinks that the site optimization, website marketing should combine together, make optimization become a part of marketing, so that it can in the rankings website at the same time, also can grow into the site to provide more opportunities for profit.

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