An analysis of outsourcing your Shanghai dragon project before you need to do to prepare



A: the new

social media as a new media, we can not underestimate his role. But it takes to build a social network of the time than the search engine.

with the company pay more attention to the site, Shanghai dragon industry development on the upgrade. For some small businesses, relative to employ full-time staff on the website optimization, service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon will come more cost-effective. But as a small business, in the service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon before what needs to be done to prepare? What needs attention? The author from the three aspects of these two problems are discussed, hope for those who are going to the small and medium-sized enterprise service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon help.

two: outsourcing services before you need to understand your target audience and Shaichang

your site is just built and linked to the server, the author of this site do not recommend Shanghai dragon service outsourcing immediately. The reason is the search engine to a site is largely based on trust website age, if the new station, the search engine is not very trust your site, it is not a good keyword ranking. For the website of age, you can’t use what optimization technology to increase, but the author does not exclude you buy the old domain name. The author’s suggestions for new sites is dedicated to the content and user friendly experience, then do some investment in Shanghai dragon.

outsourcing service If you are a

as a famous saying: bright doomed a shadow. In Shanghai a white hat optimization means the dragon too observant of conventional standards. will inevitably have some, of course, by means of cheating to black hat means. For an enterprise, if not Shanghai Longfeng service providers to optimize use of black hat, can make your site get good results in the short term, but eventually the search engine will be found, and finally acquired a bad reputation. So as a preparation for outsourcing Shanghai Longfeng services business, you need to learn a basic knowledge such as Shanghai dragon, can more clearly understand their own Shanghai Longfeng process, can better communicate with the Shanghai Phoenix provider.


three: before outsourcing your service you need to understand the Shanghai Shanghai dragon the dragon and the basic knowledge of

just contact online marketing business, is more important to you than the service outsourcing of Shanghai Longfeng thing is to define your target market. The traditional market marketing and online marketing users have many different in concept. You need to know your target audience is how to use the Internet? Love what type of social network or blog, etc.. In addition, you have to do is to study your competition, you have to analyze your competitors compared with what are your strengths and your brand in

social network before your first service outsourcing Shanghai dragon building your business

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