Analysis of the use of reverse thinking in Shanghai dragon in

fourth, there is a high number of

second, illustrated article more users love

The premise of high traffic

the reason is relatively simple, if you want to get 100W traffic, then you should have at least 300W included or more, from some web portals, we can find that they ultimately included massive them to a massive flow, the flow requires a lot of money if it is paid promotion. Therefore, we want to have high flow, high quantity as the premise, to a new depth to create long tail keywords, from the web mining will become an important focus of the work.

, one can smoothly open "good"

lets you search engine spiders crawling mass ">

third, we are using the best

usually has a very important reference standard, that is the product sales unpopular generally is a good product, because people’s eyes are sharp. If you stand in the perspective of a search engine, a number of users to browse web pages should also have the value ", and if the site of many pages have many users to browse, then this site is very valuable, so your web traffic also determines the quality of your site, a lot of cheating is done through traffic to improve the keywords ranking, at the same time, in recent years, Shanghai attaches great importance to love love Shanghai statistics can also imagine.

must be reasonable

you think about a problem, as an ordinary user, is love to see a single picture, or love simple words? I think they should not, and can be best, namely beautiful pictures and with the appropriate text, this is the user’s favorite, so the weight in the early days of the Sohu in the search text is the highest, the ranking is also the most front. In fact, the search engine is also true, this is Mr. Wang Tong Chan’s point of view, and hope that we do the experimental validation.

webmaster search engine position, is to search the web page open speed should be enough, can not be sustained open or intermittent open, because the speed will affect the ranking. If the top speed of "open slowly, then the user will be on the search engine to create a sense of trust, a speed affect the keywords ranking, the noble baby has been formally recognized and official statement.

Shanghai dragon is a word everyone for having heard it many times, is a popular method of website promotion, then how can we do the Shanghai dragon, if we stand in the search engine’s point of view, if our site is to help in the search engine to provide services for users, it is not the Shanghai Dragon will become more natural and fast method for perspective? This problem is the use of reverse thinking, with you today on the reverse thinking in the Shanghai dragon in.

fifth, "internal optimization of

When we buy things in the

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