nvestors why Xi’an everywhere is hard to find good entrepreneurial projectsFirst the video Federat

, I don’t understand. Why do your customer service send N messages every time? Afraid I can’t see it? I just want to say, very good, very strong!

investors are getting a lot of gas about themselves. Some investors dubbed themselves "CCO", chief chat manager, chief chat officer. Every morning and evening, and wave after wave team tea chat, talking about dry mouth, sit soft legs. "Occupation characteristics CCO" made a lot of investors are talking about. For example, for investors who love to kill with investors, different investors will tell a very different story.

, for example, women entrepreneurs in the disease by the board of directors and other investors are removed, the public, for example, continue to plot reversal; by the media blitz after 95 entrepreneurs fail and negative frequent, and this pile of bad feelings but the achievements of the early investors, let him have a pair of 90 entrepreneurs experts face.

the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors is both a "I chase you, if I catch up with you" sense of partner, and a game of rebellion and control, betrayal and trust contradictions.

, Wang Bo in the "star, crazy" to describe the entrepreneurs, with the "fool" to describe the wind. This business is a madman, leading a group of idiots running in front of a flashlight. "Fool" to "Crazy" is not only related with the appropriate time, also need to give him a stick when, let him go on the right track.

website three days ago, the problem also appears, because I applied for the first video ads, but did not put in the first video alliance already exists in the database of my website information, the new owners want to do the first video alliance, has been unable to pass. My first reaction was: it was easy to do, and the site was deleted from the background. I was disappointed when I could log in. The first video didn’t provide the delete option.

in the business circle, repeatedly staged some wonderful celebrity gossip than drama.

The sale of

has been the first video and not what contact, until some time ago, I intend to put their ads for > audit; > through, very easy, maybe because my site is good, traffic is OK because of it. But I am a perfectionist, see the first video ads, I began to worry, so I arranged the ads on my website and what place? Very depressed, decided not to put.


investment in the population, the two people to achieve the unification of real world conflicts can not be realized, so logical.


, the first approach seems to be dead, so I think, anyway, my new application has not used the account, give it to the new webmaster, and the problem comes again. Background account information can not be modified, I agree with this point, this is for the safety of the webmaster. Do not say more, plan third plans, contact customer service, let customer service help delete website information, so that new Adsense in his account submitted to the site.

but in terms of society, more understanding should be given. For example, when you see a resigned, spent their savings for a crazy idea to the people, please don’t laugh at his job".

I’m sorry about the "boss" in the first video, that is, the message in the text. Maybe some of the framers are not you. But I don’t mind you do not say, really water, why do I delete my account in my own website information can not, if one of my sites closed, then I’ll take a lifetime to the website information in the background, not to look at this very site, must be sent you my fax? Come on, webmaster is poor, do not know what is the fax thing, I will not.

local people often say, "in Xi’an to change, even some achievement entrepreneurs can also say that Xi’an is the capital". Among them, the funds to invest in the early project is the most weak, it is estimated that there are no more than five institutions of actual investment behavior.

I’m disappointed again. Why disappointed? Please watch my chat screenshot:



if the business community is a battlefield of humanity, then the entrepreneurial circle is its essence. One of the important participants and investors, in mortal fantasies, they must have a shrewd and resolute face, are made up also do not look to the tip of the Pyramid.


in Xi’an stone micro investor Wei Chengguang story, the entrepreneur is a hero, is a pool of dead water first lit the torch of revolution, is to violate the human instinct of "perceptual" commercial "rational" people. Such a hero, as long as there is a success, can bring the positive effect is enormous. For example, a Ma ‘s success changed Hangzhou, changed China, and even the whole world. Such a "hero" is worth the whole society to care for.

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