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    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group is over and no longer enjoy the Group buy price concessions. You can choose:
          1, directly to the official price 188 yuan to buy or
          2, go to the mall to buy low discount price: etuan/deal/512< br /

      more preferential product as in a mall: etuan/goods   

the details:

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A5 forum is hot comments the group purchase immediately involved in the interaction: bbs.admin5/thread-3493656-1-1.html,
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lead: are you willing to come up with nearly 3000 dollars to support a project to raise public vinyl records? When asked the question of the ideological struggle and the decision-making process, resulting in a tortuous progress of this case is very interesting.

island is the prototype of player led by the German industrial designer Dieter Rams Braun brand in 1955 produced the first phonograph G12, Li Wen took it from London famous Braun collector Dr.Peter Kapos hand buying back. When he said to the island as a prototype phonograph turntables idea in a music group, with the group’s founder Ceng Dejun and Le Tong music off the horse said very supportive. Ceng Dejun is Chinese HI-FI audio industry renowned master design, very typical sound founder, who later served as chief engineer of the island jukebox.

would you like to come up with almost 3000 dollars to support a black vinyl record project?

then, off the horse and his colleagues every day in the background brush user message, the user tries to even find real feedback on this project blame Tucao and in a word or two. One day, they saw <

———————- reminder developing

before you talk about the case, ask this question first. Because when you are asked the question of the ideological struggle and decision-making process, resulting in the twists and turns of this case, very interesting.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955




this month, music websites to raise happy children music for 47 days had just completed a fund-raising amount of 1 million 20 thousand yuan project. And other music hardware products to raise the effect of horizontal comparison, the fund-raising amount has been very high. because it’s not doing statistics, so I’m not sure if it’s the first million class music hardware products in China.

this is a black tape player’s chips. Its sponsor is "City Pictorial" Executive Editor Li wen. Before deciding to make this black vinyl player, he just made an earphone and sold it well. After that, he had the idea of making a vinyl record player.

suggested that Li Wen could try all the chips. After all, the cost of making a black tape player was not small. The manufacturer’s request is that at least 300 players will be able to agree to the production of the phonograph because only this amount can cover the cost of production. In this way, Li Wen will raise the amount of the public is located in 860 thousand yuan, the public funds raised nearly 3000 yuan.


this island record player is targeted at people who have a need for musical hardware, as well as people who want to get started and have no way to start. Li Wen to the public to raise production turntables of the news, some friends around him familiar with financial support, but the actions of others are not so active. Set the fund-raising device is about to end, only to raise about 300000 yuan.

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