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12% traffic create 40% of advertising? The following is the author’s thinking:

– portals, information, entertainment mass media, professional collections, power and channel resources

10, the portal advertising products are relatively complete, suitable for various forms of advertising.

I am a rookie, although the station for three years. But still nothing. The failure of small owners. Not brought up a decent net. As for why I want to do mobile phone station, because a classmate asked me not in the website, let me look at the URL to him. I actually found no one can give out the site… I was silent.

the first part, talk about mobile station production.

3, portal advertising efficiency is higher. Access to the same population, the portal rate of arrival is obviously higher, lower delivery costs.

5 15, iResearch CEO Yang Weiqing said that China’s Internet portal accounted for 40% of the share of advertising, and portal traffic accounted for only 12%.

1 and portal websites have higher degree of expertise, higher information value, relatively high user base and high commercial value. They are more closely related to brand advertisers.

5. began adding ringtones, pictures, and e-books to every cell phone that.

1. adds all the model parameters and pictures of NOKIA phones.

2, the portal is still only 12%, but the portal in the whole Internet Ecosystem of the upper, belongs to the capital intensive areas, basically in a state of monopolistic competition, which belongs to the Tencent Sina, Sohu, NetEase, limited several portals, therefore, from the flow distribution map, and behind too many to count the small website compared to 12% of the traffic to create 40% of the advertising market, leading industry or reflect the 80/20’s law.

was making a mobile phone station, I divided several processes to implement

4. adds its applicable theme to each model.

for each model that is appropriate for its use

mobile phone network, his production is very simple. A dynamic and easy procedure. Due to the original classification. For several hours a day to engage in this column, so very fine points. That includes a number of commonly used software, NOKIA mobile phone and other mobile phone ringtones, ebook mobile phone pictures and so on. There is also a NOKIA mobile phone special theme and quotation etc. classification is more detailed, from various classification features are classified into different types of mobile phone users, and the topics and so on. This is a big project.

said so much, actually I want to tell my friends, do mobile phone charging station in addition to the optimized theme download and charging software download sites like, if you really want to do a love of the mobile phone users, this is a need to pay a huge project of labor. We need patience, perseverance and perseverance. the collection is a benevolent friend please skip

8 and portals are better for event marketing and PR reporting.

4, portal correlation and advertising environment is better. In small sites, although it can also disperse to reach the target population, but the relevance of small sites and advertising environment is usually better than the portal.

How does

– IM instant messaging tools such as and MSN, social communication

2. adds information to each NOKIA handset and, if possible, adds some.

– blog, >

– forums, communities, BBS Group Communications,

sum up: the value of traffic is not absolute. Advertising value and traffic size distribution is not proportional. The user value and business value represented by the flow, as well as the level of cost and efficiency, are the key to assessing the value of the traffic.


3. begins looking for software.

could use The total flow rate

9 and launching portals are good for the public relations protection of the brand.

6. insists on constant daily updates usage and feel of each model

– integrating

– search engines collection and integration of information

6, the portal’s service level and marketing ability are better, and the large-scale website lacks the specialized advertisement sales personnel, often relies on "the network alliance" the advertisement agent to carry on the advertisement to attract investment.

mobile sites in the industry have a special gold payment conditions, so more and more stations pay attention to this piece of things, including the upcoming 3G,.

5, advertisers put people on the web site familiarity and trust is relatively high.

reference: Internet value chain eco map:


7, portal website and brand information reports, advertisers can use advertising and website brand cooperation and cooperation activities, the influence and resources of the portal site, to achieve the maximization of the value of advertising.

second part, mobile phone website profit.

can be said that mobile phone website profit is higher than the professional website, a type of garbage website. If your content is really available. There is a user will fall in love with you. You will continue to download resources, continuous oral propaganda. Even told his software is downloaded from you site. To win the customers’ favor. Your success is the first step.

I remember in order to make the content of the full show, let the home become great, although the structure of DIV, but there is still more than 90 K, is not search pet. I also heard, but I will do, some user would want to play faster