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now the Internet investment circle, more like a entertainment. From time to time three big Internet Co sh419, Ali, Tencent, English abbreviation for BAT, and who is close contact with the scandal?". The grapevine spread quickly and touched the sensitive nerves of the practitioner.

earlier investment, mergers and acquisitions rumors will come with the wave. Every other time, when I don’t know which wind blows, the marriage between sh419 and UC will be taken out and fired. This is a pair of complementary business, all in the eyes of perfect "beauty", but always missed in hand. It is said that the two sides are basically talking about acquisitions every year, but we can’t talk about them year after year.

March 22nd, there is news within the Internet circle, Ali will acquire a wholly friendly alliance. Even Ali, alliance official does not recognize, but Ali to $about 70000000 acquisition of alliance is That’s final. fact. In the A round of financing in June 2011, the alliance valued at $50 million. Mobile Internet financing is now low tide, Ali acquisition is still a premium, in the eyes of many entrepreneurs, the alliance has been looking for a good home.

also rumored that sh419 and Alibaba are in touch with High German maps to discuss investment. High German software has a map of the underlying mapping qualifications, and billions of dollars in the number of users, some of the innovations on the mobile Internet is also attractive.

no matter how much truth and lies, gossip and stories, the protagonist of the story they are – Tencent, Ali, sh419.


set up 3 years of friendship alliance, in about to usher in its own B round of financing at the time, accepted the $about 70000000 acquisition of the Alibaba offer. Public information display, at present, the alliance to win over the 30 thousand APP developers.

third step: micro-blog broadcasting

10 years ago, Internet entrepreneurs dream is independent, at that time, everyone is not who who also annexed numerous underlings. Today, this dream may be farther away from entrepreneurs, and the best way out may be to sell to an Internet gangster.

we feel very curious, why the total number of retransmissions will add up to less than 40, how would there be so many clicks? The reason is actually very simple, is decided by the type of micro-blog’s audience, the audience can see details of micro-blog’s classification of another article "my Huang Qingquan: precise >

when I was real China Valentine’s day, "the Qixi Festival" to the Taobao alliance there to find a relatively recent sales, the price is right, the Commission of higher products. So I chose the goods as shown below. It’s something new and attractive. The Commission is 30% and you can get a commission of 10 yuan.

Not far from

from here you can see that although it is advertising, but as long as you advertise something good, it will still be broadcast. Dial 8 to broadcast, natural broadcast also has 10+ above. Here’s a look at the two micro-blog hits:

first step: micro-blog account preparation,

sold the project

second step: the choice of goods

November 2012, business less than a year, "tonight to see what", a movie content personalized search, bought by sh419 to 2 million -300 million price of $two, who returned from the United States founder were recruited to sh419’s distance, they got Xu Xiaoping’s angel investment only more than 1 years.


10 years hard road, but now the way out of different.

micro-blog promotion Taobao customers, account number is the key to success or failure, the quality of the account from the number of fans, broadcast number, number of broadcast, theme and other aspects to assess. In particular, there must be no zombie fans. I started my account with 0. Fans come back by listening to novices. The maximum number of fans per account is close to ten thousand. And 8 more than 2 thousand fans. All accounts add up to nearly 30 thousand. But fans are active and quality.


soup, Beijing,

Taobao can make money, but it’s getting harder and harder. Many long tail keywords have been numerous Taobao guest single product website occupy, through the website promotion, Taobao guest more and more difficult. Relying on popular platform to promote Taobao customers is a good way out. Very Taobao passengers through sh419 know, ask, Renren and other income over a million. What is more, through the platform to promote a monthly income of 200 thousand. Micro-blog is the latest and most popular platform, and data is constantly refreshed. Many people are using micro-blog to promote Taobao customers to make money quietly, as the amount of money can not be estimated. Should be close to space. Recently, I also tried Sina micro-blog to promote the practice of Taobao customers. The process is as follows:

micro-blog broadcast I divide two, the first is advertising type, directly tell the audience, Tanabata arrived, to the other half of the gift, this is a good choice. Then broadcast the broadcast with the remaining 8 numbers. The results are as follows:

second is soft text, the product of romantic, you can also in Tanabata such a romantic, and then use the remaining 8 numbers broadcast this broadcast. The results are as follows.

days ago, investment circle news, sh419 and Alibaba are more than 1 billion yuan investment in shares or holding the acquisition. Although not yet officially disclosed, but sh419 Hao throw $350 million acquisition of PPS has become a reality, its purpose is to use PPS’s huge multi-user to divert Iqiyi video advertising.