The total number of registered companies in Hongkong increased by 25989 in the first half of this ye

3 and Hongkong allow non operating companies to allow shell companies to exist. Many companies registered in the shell shell companies to do brand publicity, the use of Hongkong visibility, the creation of Hongkong brand. For example, Hongkong’s clothing, toys, culture, publishing and other industries in the international community has a certain competitive advantage.

, we often ignore the importance of mentoring in our career. But as a corporate CIO, it is also up to you to share your experiences and lessons in life for future policy makers to share. As CIO, you should also leave your successful experience as a technology performer and designer to these future leaders. Following is the successful experience of Steve Williams, chief information officer and senior vice president of a large retail enterprise. At the age of 37, he became the youngest director of information technology at the $6 billion company with annual sales. Maybe through his successful experience, you can become a good CIO early.

1. comprehensive application of customer relationship management conceptsEach

2. must not use jargon in his work
3. succeeds
4. creates service ideas

why are more and more people registering companies in Hongkong,

, compared with the mainland, registered Hongkong company has the following advantages:

, according to news reports, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region government company registration statistics office published in July 10, 2016 showed that as of the end of June this year, the total number of local Hongkong companies registered in accordance with the "Regulations" of the company reached 1314655, an increase of 25989 compared to the end of 2015. The SAR government company registration office director Zhong Liling said, for the convenience of business, it is in late May 2016 to launch a comprehensive company search for mobile services, users can now use smart mobile phone and mobile devices whenever and wherever possible for all categories of company search, in order to obtain the latest company information.

5 and the government of Hongkong will invest considerable funds each year to support and encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological training, or to apply for patent applications. To support small and medium enterprises to cope with the challenges and opportunities of economic development, the Hongkong SAR government set up SME funding schemes and expert island also provides free assistance subsidy application, mainly including: smeexportmarketingfund, smeloanguaranteescheme and SME training fund.

2, Hongkong tax system is simple and low tax rates: for your strict control of tax expert Island, Hongkong and low tax rates, tax less, the establishment of the company in Hongkong, generally only need to pay two tax, profits tax: a tax rate of 16.5%, and is based on the actual profit of our Chun Li to calculate, companies are not profitable, not pay taxes. Two, salaries tax, tax exempt amount of single 120000HKD married 240000HKD. In addition to alcohol, tobacco or special, there is no import and export tax in Hongkong.

4, Hongkong company registration is simple: through expert Island, industrial and commercial registration program in Hongkong will become very easy, a limited liability company in Hongkong as long as 8 days to complete registration, much lower than the world average level of 48 days, only four days of the establishment of a branch, you only need to buy ready-made company three days. Online processing, the day can be scanned. Provide a valid identification at least 18 years of age, a registered address and a statutory Secretary can apply.

6 and Hongkong, as one of the international financial centres, are well developed in the financial services sector, and the financing and regulatory environment is superior to that of the mainland. Mainland enterprises set up companies in Hongkong as a settlement and financing platform, and use the relatively loose financing environment in Hongkong to reduce financial difficulties

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

1, Hongkong company limited scope of operation: Limited Hong Kong Company can operate any business in Hong Kong, excluding illegal business.


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