Online advertising alliance aims at long tail businessLong Yi in addition to free agents online shop

and sh419 theme promotion is different, at present, the shlf1314 AdSense or text link mode, basically in many web pages below you can see the shlf1314 collection to provide text link ads, click on these advertisements into the advertiser’s website. And sh419’s theme promotion in text links advertising based on the extension of the "sh419 TV" business, that is, on the web to provide video advertising, mainly services brand customers.

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      other promotion methods

      soft is hard advertising, so called soft Wen the subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like cotton hidden in the needle, and not dew, in the invisible enemy. When you find out that this is a soft text, you have cold stare, fell into the well designed "soft soap advertising" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. As for the writing of the soft visible benevolence wisdom, free play. Soft Wen written, promotion is also the key, according to the investigation, with BBS post way to promote soft Wen is the best, can be published in such as buyers gathered Egou BBS, or to have certain influence industry website contribution.

      Yahoo Post Bar to sh419, Sina knowledge hall, Iask, question inquiry community, some suggestions on the shop commodity problems, such as "XX," in which website how to "buy XX" and so on, by the way we listed on the mobile phone network. Guide potential consumers to buy mobile phones on our website.

from this, and produced sh419 theme promotion and shlf1314 AdSense, for the majority of small and medium-sized sites bring traffic and advertising. shlf1314, AdSense, and sh419 theme promotions have created a new advertising model. To promote the theme and AdSense through analysis of web content, according to people reading interest and demand relevance, classification, orientation, precise target audience, and provide some content related words and pictures make more targeted advertising, advertising, Internet, reading habits.

      website development early, must cooperate with other websites, exchange, on the one hand can improve the flow of their website; on the other hand, can improve the popularity and reputation of the website. There are several ways of cooperation, one is cooperation activities, such as their own website, with other websites or forums for promotional activities. One is: advertising cooperation, and other topics on the site to achieve channel cooperation, such as as a shopping channel on a website. In short, cooperation is a very good way of website development, and it is a win-win model, and it is a kind of leveraging behavior.

currently, sh419 theme promotion to 200 thousand website owners, 5000 advertisers and 2007 account size of 200 million yuan on advertising alliance leader position in the league, the website has 28 large partners across the industry, "

      website promotion is to attract traffic, and then the flow to sales. Finally, it is to retain customers and cultivate customer loyalty. Among them, the core of the three step is to build website brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. Eventually become a leader in the sales website.

      three: CPS way to promote sales

today, some obscure website is very active. These names like "county and township cadres camp", discussed the county and township level cadres and political topic sites are everywhere. And Ali mother general manager Wu Yongming think, this kind of website has very high commercial value.

with third party information platform and mobile phone topic

 :     first look at the above: "e-commerce b2c: online free agent" tactics of the sea people

, the emergence of some web advertising affiliate sites, brings these web sites that are not known to advertisers into a platform or system. Search technology allows more Internet users to discover these feature sites, bringing more traffic for them, while advertising associations bring advertising for these sites, and achieve "long tail effect"". At present, China has formed the sh419 theme promotion, shlf1314 AdSense, Ali mother as the representative of the three major advertising alliance, Sogou alliance, NetEase NarrowAD Sogou bidding, bidding, bidding sina is also actively seeking a share.

 :     in some websites and forums to buy monthly advertising promotion, such as "buy XX online to XX network", the advertising links to their shop.

authoritative data show that every domestic Internet total flow is only about 30% to the big portal, the remaining 70% are located in more than 30 tens of thousands of various types of Chinese website; website 70% attention distribution of more than 200 million Internet users in these different characteristics, industry, and most have the characteristics of information content, the website lacks enough advertising sales ability. A large number of idle inventory advertising. How to explore the commercial value of these scattered websites, which need to rely on search technology to achieve.

seize the small and medium-sized sites advertising, long tail advertising and content matching degree higher, advertising attention degree is higher,

the higher the match between advertising and content, the higher the level of advertising attention." Xue Chen, executive vice president of the media, said.

      two: website forum

      a: soft advertising and hard advertising promotion

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