Will the ad group ‘s G7 become 7 2More than 10 years of entrepreneurship and investment experience

in September 1st, Tencent open platform held in China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship competition Shanghai open class, Cai Wensheng share his more than 10 years of entrepreneurship and investment experience.

entrepreneurship, the beginning of a good idea, to start your business, you must first positioning, your entrepreneurial direction is what, or your product positioning is like. No matter what kind of product you do website, application or company, you must comply with three principles: demand, advantage and profit.

throughout the domestic advertising alliance, the author believes that in the advertising competition in the market is very distinctive "G7" phenomenon, they are:

fifth, the product name should be easy to spread, if the auspicious name, and registered trademarks. What is called "auspicious", the so-called auspicious atmosphere is easy to pronounce the name, you can at least ask the person to verify the name. For example, we see Meitu Xiu Xiu Meitu Xiu Xiu first to easy to pronounce, is called the MiTo master, and later also learned around the advice of friends including user suggestions, then switch to Meitu Xiu Xiu.

3 needs to have a large number of advertisers there are only dozens, maybe even a few, and

second, as far as possible no copyright and gray problems, the government does not interfere, competitors are not strong. Internet start-ups more than a decade, some people have made a lot of money from them, but a lot of it is difficult to go today.

in accordance with the above definition, we can naturally distinguish the similarities and differences between the website alliance and the advertising alliance.

How does

third, we must use the network alliance way development, forming the industrial chain. sh419’s approach is personal website, using a lot of personal websites to hang his search box, the whole Chinese Internet is helping sh419, so sh419 from 03, 04, 05 rapid rise. At that time, eBay and Taobao, Chinese accounted for almost 90% of the market share, Taobao why beat it? Was the three major portals advertising were all eBay bag and left Taobao, there is no way to advertise in many small and medium-sized websites, then win ebay.


1, placing advertising system code in a large number of third party media which is the same as the web site alliance;

5, advertisers pay advertising fees, marketing fees, promotional fees, rather than sales division, of course, does not rule out some advertisers will be in accordance with the sales department as a result of the promotion of income assessment basis.

2, the advertising content

in China venture inside, trademark and patent copyright has been either traditional industry or the Internet are missing the point, a good software, a good game, you did not apply for a patent will be gone. The value of a thing in the future, trademark and patent copyright is very important link.

1, the first sh419 theme promotion alliance "American": no matter shlf1314 Adsense in the global scope of large-scale, home to 150 thousand sites in China or sh419 theme promotion alliance, 5000 advertisers and split more than 200 million estimated annual income will be to promote the theme in 250 million / year performance firmly secured boss the location of

, does anyone in this market need you this thing, of course, first of all to reflect your needs, you will do it?. But if you just need it, it is called interest, interest is a beginning, to make it into a product, so that more people to use, you have to go to the market to investigate.

The development and market pattern of

deal with investors,

; How does

make products

fourth, once found in the future do not make big opportunities, immediately adjust and change. The beginning of the 98 year of the Tencent to the Alibaba looking back now, with the original idea is not necessarily the same, do you continue to adjust and change, in order to achieve a good product, you start from a position on how to walk along the road.

first, I will first define our advertising alliance, it is popular with many online media advertising business, in this sense, the website alliance, alliance, wireless software alliance and so on can be regarded as advertising, but the author mentioned in this article, after all articles in advertising are narrow concept "advertising alliance". As a true advertising alliance, it should meet the following characteristics:

search engine operators by keyword or bidding advertising business with a natural, 3, 4, 2 of the 5 conditions, so the ad code on the other third party media in order to consume more advertising budget become a natural choice for them to enter the advertising industry. In the current market, the main search engine operators to operate the advertising alliance for the mainstream leadership. Of course, with the development of the market, this pattern will change greatly.


4, advertisers and web owners accept and follow the price standards and data standards set by the Advertising Federation;

2, the second –shlf1314 Adsense Japan: inability to learn shlf1314 Adsense specific China website from joining the number and revenue data, the author also presided over the September Internet Conference on shlf1314 Adsense in East Asia during the forum asked the district manager Mr. Zhou Wen Biao these data, but the skill to avoid, "

this article comes from the point technology:

Internet development in the last more than 10 years, because few people compete, so you can do it slowly, but today, the times are different, you do out >!

ads advertising code box commonly known as advertising material or advertising creative advertising alliance platform by active push Note: this website and major differences in the definition of coalition formation;

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