The talent predicament of local websites sums up the human resources problems of local websites

is in the stage where young talent website, the problem is the biggest bottleneck in the development of private website! Don’t say, even the official website in the face of the problem of talent is also painful.

, what is the talent problem faced by local websites,


precisely, the talent status of the local web site is:

have the right people difficult to recruit.

your part of the job recruit people.

when did people do not recruit training, emerge of itself and perish of itself.

have met a good number, not easy to take out, not by competitors is that all kinds of reasons to leave the high salaries.

tick in at least 5 years business early, high turnover rate.

when did business extremely difficult to recruit, management difficult.

when did the tragedy is, developed after the discovery, the original business start-up requirements for talents period than business maturity is much higher than


two, who are we facing,


faces fewer people, and many people start by copying other people’s job advertisements. Faced with no situation, most people are anxious to go to walking on two legs are tied back. No doubt, the result is only one failure. Seriously thinking, we find that the core problem is actually:

, who exactly do we need,


the question implies:

1, how many people do we need,

?What are the basic skills required for

2 and each person?

3, what personality traits do you have for each post?

4, the special post market has talent can not meet the requirements, how to solve?

What’s the difference between

5 and people at different stages of development?

6, what resources do enterprises match for talents?

three, summed up the current local website human resources issues

abstract and sum up from a rational point of view, the human resources problem of local websites is:

1, no standards – just want to recruit people, did not want to do a good job.

2, without training – only wants to pick up ready-made talent from outside, and doesn’t know how to train people inside.

3, no strength – low wages, talent quality is poor.

4, no culture – brain drain, small companies difficult to establish corporate culture, the boss can only lead by example.

5, not only the initial stage – business needs strong talent, but talent at this time what you


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