4 years of Network Entrepreneurship experienced a webmaster ups and downs

05 years in September left the medical profession, I have been longing for entering the IT industry, started to learn windows, HTML, C, c++, ASP and so on, all from scratch! In the medical industry for three years, not hate, but compared to the unknown field of computer, computer knowledge seems to be more attractive to me more. Who can I start a passion! Don’t even know what is the U disk, what is memory, what is CPU, also do not know the difference between WEB development and software development, just want to learn, not considering other


to participate in the training process, slowly to the development of WEB, website production, writing in ASP, making the design with PS, more slowly fell in love with it, became my hobby and fun, do not look at the computer a day itch. Also made a personal website, has been immersed in their achievements and joy. In the study, and alumni together site production project, no matter how the price, all go all out, perfect to help others do well.

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network and have a better understanding of the source of graduate work after three months, while working to set up their own studio, their website construction project to do business from others, design and program development are just beginning to own fix, free to help others do, just for that in the sense of achievement, slowly, really seems to have come to the business, is also good, a person has been busy


just at this time, a friend told me that he is willing to invest, set up a network company, indeed, the beginning and lack of courage, not to engage in the past, but this time, my age, it is time to think about marriage, if you do not have time to go to the company. To personal problems, repeatedly, decided to


07 years in May, a new network company, "Tiancheng century" in the Wuhan Hongshan District, a 60 square meters of office opened business, entrepreneurship is difficult, hard, slept just two or three hours a day, every day there are endless things, the clerk asked a large number of the first month before, in addition to the existing project, almost no new projects, partner and I are very anxious!

began second months ago, all telemarketing personnel, marketing staff and other aspects of the business staff all quit, and requested a SEO optimization Promotion Commissioner, promotion company website. A month later, that is the beginning of July, customers take the initiative to call the company to ask business every day, the phone rang non-stop, it is really a good sign! Good scene lasted for two months, but investors need to start another development, provincial factory, provincial project construction site income ratio the income is certainly impressive, investors want to concentrate on other projects, requirements for cancellation of "Tiancheng century". Is really a dilemma ah, just like their children bear bitter hardships to die, the heart is not the taste.

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