ndividual stationmaster’s opportunity lies in fractionize industry

now the individual stationmaster is more and more difficult, regardless of the site operation and site promotion, in the energy and capital investment are made more difficult to sustain the personal webmaster. But many people’s gold rush dream has never stopped, then, for the novice webmaster, we should do how to do less detours, as soon as possible to achieve profitability,


I personally feel that in the present and in the future, the opportunity for individual owners is to segment the industry. Of course, I have a reason:

one, personal site should try to avoid large and full

Many novice

do when the site is trying to do bigger and rounder, in many people’s minds think so, they think the site and supermarkets, large shopping supermarket love than the love around the commissary of the people will always be a lot more. In fact, this idea is wrong, but individual stationmaster misses the point, this point is what, this is a large supermarket and canteen, whether there is a big difference in the construction cost and operation cost are in the. Imagine, if there is a canteen, a person running more than enough, you can, if it is a RT Mart supermarket, to let a person to operate, what do you think?. So, despite a large and complete website may profit more and more extensive coverage of users, however, for individual webmaster, we must first recognize our own limitations, perhaps a small but beautiful site is more suitable for personal operation.

two, personal sites strive to brand

is now very popular from the media, in fact, is a brand, an authority or a celebrity in the field to use their authority and appeal to influence their fans, this is from the media. Now the personal site direction should be from the media and is consistent, in the first reason I have described, for individual webmaster, personal webmaster to avoid large and complete website is for this purpose, because a person or a few people’s effort is always limited, it may not have a significant impact in many areas, but if you focus on a project or field, it is not the same, as long as enough attention, so it has a good chance to achieve in a certain field become the authority. Not only that, if the individual is the authority of an area, and through their own professional to operate the site, then the possibility of success is even greater.

three, unobstructed interactivity can make personal sites more dynamic

actually, I think in the future, the personal site and from the media will form the same concept slowly, this can be understood, every people from the media almost all have their own website, and each individual website main operation that requires good operation from the media account to form their own the influence of. So, from this point of view, from the media attention should also be paid attention to personal Adsense, the most important one is interaction. Looking at some of the current media, those are the only ones

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