Listen to the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi to talk about the future trend of the website

2009 fourth years will please many webmaster Internet celebrities to speak, speak very good, today the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi’s speech and the webmaster to share, very exciting, it is worthy of our reference.

Qihoo’s products and believe that many webmaster have heard, some are in use, 360 security guards, 360 stubborn Trojan killing, 360 safe, 360 security browser, believe that they are familiar with. But for the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and we may not so familiar, I saw him in the station’s annual meeting, felt he was very witty, his speech is very exciting, finishing several reference points worth the webmaster, for reference.


the Internet is not an industry, it’s a way of working. With the popularity of the Internet people gradually after falling out of work, such as handwritten manuscript, reading newspapers, reading writing computer browsing news has become a trend, more and more people become Indoorsman Indoorswoman, on the Internet will be able to complete the work, study, life and entertainment. In other words, the Internet has great potential and market demand space, the station owners in the future for a long period of time, there will be the market, because people in this regard more and more demand. Do a good job standing, do people need website.

The popularity of

social networking sites is due to the demand of Internet users, and this type of website will be very popular in the future. Over the years, many sns social networking sites have good exposure, and more and more Internet users revel in the virtual life of social networking sites. Happy network, 51, campus network and so on, are well-known social networking sites. Social networking sites to meet people demand in certain areas, has been in hot pursuit of people, Zhou Hongyi for example, such as parking looting, stealing watermelons, slaves and other games, to meet the people "dark" demand, but in real life can not be achieved. Social networking sites just do this, and social networking sites are growing, and more and more people are joining the game, creating stickiness. Throughout the many social networking sites are not to win, but to satisfy a demand as the focus, such as QQ technology, basically is to imitate others, but it can meet the needs of people, communication between strangers, now almost all Q. Although social networking sites are already vast, Zhou Hongyi believes social networking is still in demand. Because people are not only to a social networking site, called Like attracts like., people will demand Birds of a feather flock together., more and more refined, the industry will become more and more popular social networking sites.

local community website forum is the direction and trend of Internet development in the future. The local community is regional, which meets the needs of interaction between people, understands something and participates in it. Such as local community forums, organize gatherings, outings or parties and other activities, members can participate in it, because it is the city, there are positive and interactive. Local community users are localized locally

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