Concept and practice how to plan holiday activities

the afternoon of September 1st, nineteenth phpwind operation counseling online interview held in hot, the guests for Senior Web business consultants, best-selling books "play make your site" author Chen Guangfeng and the Dragon Lane planning editor Jiang pan. The following share with you the content of the interview.

Part 1: keynote speaker for senior website operations consultant, best-selling author of "earn your website" by Chen Guangfeng.

phpwind millet slag: first of all, please invite our first guest today, Mr. Chen Guangfeng, please introduce yourself briefly.

Chen Guangfeng: Hello, I’m playing "make your website, web site operators must Manual" author Chen Guangfeng, thanks for the support and guidance of everyone, very pleased by the phpwind millet residue invited to share with you the topic holiday planning activities.

phpwind: millet residue Festival is touched day, happy days, to capture people’s festival to combine psychology, music, fun marketing, manufacturing hotspot, planning effective activities, finally realize the festival marketing. Then, please ask teacher Chen Guangfeng, what are the common holiday activities? Can you introduce some typical success stories?

Chen Guangfeng: holiday activities from the time, the more important a year in the Spring Festival, Valentine’s day, 38 day, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Qixi Festival, National Day, Christmas and new year’s day, we carry out the website related activities are usually based on the special nature of these holidays to plan.

from the point of view the main purpose of the event, mainly in the "rich web content" as the goal, to promote interaction and enhance the viscosity as the goal of the activities, to "promotion" as the goal of the activities, to raise awareness, enhance the brand "as the goal of the activities. Activities can be said to be the most important website marketing and promotion work, a good activity is the lowest cost marketing promotion. Today’s opening, many shopping sites have launched a student oriented group of promotional activities, such as excellence network launched the "school opening ceremony, preferential let you save in the end" special shopping activities, very targeted. Some of the more familiar local portals have also launched some major events. Long lane is held in the Qixi Festival "Tianning pagoda * beautiful encounter the Qixi Festival tour, Xiamen fish nets held" peony flowers by the fish at Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival Carnival activities are very popular, it is the fourth year.

: Well, phpwind millet residue light front case is indeed very good, interested friends can download to share forum Xiamen fish nets mid autumn Bo activities data model innovation network.

phpwind millet residue: holiday activities is part of a holiday in marketing, you just talked about the holiday activities can enrich website content to promote interaction and enhance the viscosity, improve brand awareness, so does the activity before planning what to do "

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