Look at the smell of corn worms at the anti Carrefour station

received a group of messages on QQ the day before yesterday, prompting a boycott of Carrefour on the grounds that the French government and the Paris city hall were insulting the Chinese Olympic torch and boycotting the Beijing olympics. So I went to the new network search, registered www.anticarrefour.com, and.Cn domain name

in recent years has been in the Admin5 bubble, Admin5 network technology is the Webmaster Station, on the edge and the political words, I will not say, now just cybersquatting on on several viewpoints, personally think that corn worm grab good corn, corn needs several hot smell.

one, the country’s general direction, big policy sense of smell.

such as this year’s Congress, Baidu index is very high, the domain name is estimated to grab, but corn worm can be considered cybersquatting eighteen report, the experience of other phonetic domain, the state promulgated the provisions of the tax increase, we can go to the registration of the "stamp duty" immediately, these are sudden national action worthy of choice.

two, small celebrity domain smell.

celebrity every day, you have never thought? Who knows the world without thieves, that nameless silly root, Baoqiang Wang will become a hot star? You robbed this corn? Later,


three, pay attention to your side.

torch is a big thing, a period of time before the anticnn, because the patriotism and the outbreak, who can guarantee that anticarrefour will become the next hot spot? Watch your QQ, pay attention to your message, remember, you are a webmaster, is a corn worm.

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