Huang Xiangru four on the website naming series

recently Home Furnishing international network launched a community forum zhengminghuodong (, immediately caused the intense response, I have many thoughts on the matter, will write a series of articles and friends together to share and exchange……

never let the website lose at the starting line? "Huang Xiangru said, naming a part, is the site of the starting site therefore hasn’t formally developed before, we must start pondering the site to a" culture "and" personalized "good name, so that the net station" at the starting time occupy a good track". At present, such as the international home network, for the community forum named "big headache" of the few people.

first reviews the ancient classics: Everything begins with the nameless, the Tao gives birth to one, the life two, the two life, and the three life. This is the Taoist doctrine from the book of changes. Tai Chi said: Yin and Yang for Yin and Yang Qiankun, four images, four like gossip, derived from eighty-eight hexagrams. The so-called big phase (like) the invisible, silent sound, power is not significant, still water runs deep. The East is visible early to try to determine the cause of primitive things, rather than in the life some trivial things eager to define, in words of things named is cautious and excellence. Lao Tzu contributed "Tao Te Ching" but "ten thousand words". Confucius created the Analects of Confucius and became a sample of behavior that the public could follow. Classics handed down in the name and grasp of things have a reasonable definition and show that although some of the content is difficult to understand, but can adhere to is a contribution. There is a myth in the Bible that once said, "I am the beginning, I am the end, the Almighty in the past, present and future.". It is thus clear that the Almighty Creator has his own claim to the name of things, and he can express it through man.

marks the birth of human civilization to various things named include not only all visible in the world, to express more closely related to the physical world and the invisible world, marking the beginning of human civilization has the wisdom ability cast level. Once to the sages in describing the world running rules had talked about: mysterious, all the wonderful door. You can see the close relationship between flexible life and God, and life and self consciousness has a structure similar to a world of difference, history will show differences in this great people to experience. Causes of mortals do not understand the saints and sages, they know how to try to save the lost souls, help people stop.

[naming] the determination of a variety of things, and then the use of a name symbol to be represented.

Almighty God caused people who have the ability to name things, do not have enough wisdom to complete this important task, so as the founder of civilization must be built with his will to the language system. When the "gods" was also named the human civilization and the definition, God must send his soul to spread the classic doctrine, and the spirit of God to become.

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