A small flow of local station success female webmaster more do not stop doing

I’m doing station has become one of the biggest US local stations, the content involves many aspects, the original site, and did not expect to make a large and comprehensive local portal website, just want to do a photography small forum, now do the largest local portal site. Every month can earn some money, here I do mentality of the station, GG took the trouble to look at it, ha ha.

I was very unwilling to do a big station, because I feel like a girl, no time and energy to do a large site, after all of us girls fragile skin and eyes from radiation not the computer for a long time, I don’t want to be too early to become panda eyes and yellow woman, and BF shopping oh. It was just for my precious face that I started doing just a little forum, because I enjoyed traveling and photographing everywhere, and I made this forum a place for my friends to communicate.

forum is a forum for the atmosphere inside the rock itself is very familiar friend, just not long time together, so usually in this forum Xialiao, although the number is not much, but the atmosphere is very good, still miss that time as long as there are people roar, everyone in response to the scene. At that time, a group of faithful love follow me, help me to plan some activities to help me take care of the forum, but also to their relatives and friends on my forum, oh, I don’t have to think about how to promote, although every day IP is not much, but u are very enthusiastic, often is planning an event probably, can have more than half of the people involved in the response. Later, because they are busy with things, there is no such a good atmosphere. I think that kind of family atmosphere began to fade away, just as I began to expand the forum section.


site is bigger, the atmosphere is more and more light, the increasing number of the forum, the forum friends demand has become increasingly diversified, for different needs to take care of you, I began to add pages, please help me to take care of enthusiastic love forum, because I am a person is to look after the. Development later, friends suggested that I simply do portal, please two people dedicated to help me look after, that is.

to sum up, the place I’m going to do now is property, decoration, photography, tourism, talent, cars, music…… That looks so different, and because I do before the forum is also a good reputation, many of which are word of mouth, not how to do ah, ah what SEO promotion, or have a certain influence on the local, there are also some local enterprises to find me, I want to do advertising. But I found that the site is bigger, IP every day more and more, but the station atmosphere is more and more light, the former kind of one difficulty help, a human hair with the scene again appeal to everyone is gone. Learn from the SNS way, so that the forum atmosphere re active, how can we strengthen the interaction of users, so that the atmosphere renewed fire, I think a lot of ways, but also began to be like a lot of

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