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Baidu, a search engine that we all do. Although sometimes Baidu would like the vicious stepmother general Meng K our site, but we still love her ~ this is upset ah, then how, in the Chinese in website promotion, if you go to the Google ranking and ignore Baidu that is tantamount to self destruction, or the use of Baidu in China because the majority of visitors. We only follow the rules set by Baidu to play this game, it likes what we do, it will be "reward", give us a relatively good ranking.

of course, we can take some cheating means to deceive Baidu, but one day will be found, and K will be miserable, as for what is worthy of our careful selection here means I will not mention, you can see a post before me: [nine] webmaster tricks backfire don’t play and search engine (

today I want to discuss is how to use Baidu’s own products to promote our website, after all, Baidu for its own products or preference are good, the following are some methods and experience I tried, a better method is proposed:

welcome package

1, news

Baidu home page’s first option. This is mainly to see the webmaster writing, if you write the original article (with your website) will soon be included in Baidu news, it would be a great blessing, Everfount flow will be to search this article you will also appear in the contraction results in a relatively high position. This method is difficult, because Baidu requirements for the article is relatively high.

2, Wikipedia

encyclopedia, Wikipedia webmaster best use to build a own entry, whether or not your keywords in the name of the website or in establishing an entry, for example I use my website name "spark media" in the encyclopedia set up an entry (http://s. There are two advantages. First, stick it in the back. When you know it, it will bring convenience. Two, in case the site is K or penalized, visitors can still enter your site through links from your entry (because entries will appear in higher places in search results). Here, note that when you edit the entries, do not use too much advertising statements, links less, so that the entry rate will be high.

3, space

space, now Baidu space browser is also more and more, but do Baidu space do not ask for more, but fine, every day more updates. The flow brought by it is also considerable. Here, pay attention to the naming of space and the addition of the chain. You can use keywords to name your space, but Baidu space is not allowed for commercial use, if the name is too obvious, such as <

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