When encountered in Xinjiang Grassroots webmaster Zhaoan integration direction

December 7, 2008, Xinjiang’s first owners meeting, meeting a success, the importance of the integration of the participants profound awareness of the importance of mutual exchange of needed products and learning, the establishment of Xinjiang stationmaster alliance, imperative.

the evening of December 13th, stationmaster Congress convener and part of the webmaster party, to discuss how to establish the alliance and the development direction and mode, as Xinjiang station I (Western culture http://s.www.xiyuren.com), because the website and the urgency of time, I did not attend, but photos and experience, also the share of intense interest soon Canon released online party here, want to insert a few words of mouth, integration of our Xinjiang grassroots webmaster said.

party according to the feedback logs, know in a special invitation to the official representative of the Xinjiang Internet association, some webmaster and Xinjiang Association of honest and careful communication, everyone’s ideas are pure, is nothing more than the official management department under the leadership of the official organization as the platform is able to make the grassroots webmaster the integration of resources and the government can provide policy support for us. But, unfortunately, things did not talk together, representatives of the association of ideas and the grassroots webmaster not only at the party we draw further apart, in support of the association, but association to the grassroots webmaster set a branch and Zhaoan "inhibition".

is the head of the individual, but as a grassroots I deeply know the importance of freedom, the importance of open, if the Internet is not free, it would be the real winter! First of all, the vast majority are owners would not violate the law, not to engage in edge ball, website will record in the first time, the audit information website etc. all job. So, I think the association should play the role of supervision and guidance on this basis, to upload the channel between the government and the grassroots, harmonious platform construction site in Xinjiang development, the establishment of long-term webmaster towards integration and resource optimization mechanism. According to my understanding and lack of, Xinjiang Internet association in Xinjiang station before the meeting organizer and guide role, when Xinjiang play their influence towards the integration of grassroots webmaster, but hurriedly ran out, to regulate, to be included in the leadership, I think, as do stand to have a basic positioning, positioning us the Internet society is not good, what are the age, is still talking about leadership? Still airs? All the station will go to profit, to the business model, the Internet society’s role should be like the government treat the enterprise as "separation", the role of the government should not be the leader, but more should be management Xinjiang, as the site development to provide resources, provide policy, providing a platform to provide channels, rather than blindly emphasis on leadership, management and competition Is the boss’s core position.

In the information age of

, the renewal of ideas is as important as the positioning of roles, but also the unit of the first webmaster conference of the government organization in Xinjiang, Mr. Ding Xiaoliang, and also the grassroots of Xinjiang

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