Thought by Baidu and Tao Grassroots powerful

think that year, Baidu has not developed when the time has just started, the Baidu alliance, attracting a large number of webmaster, put Baidu in their search box on the site, this effect as we all know, because of the large number of grassroots power, Baidu became one of the largest search. This fully proves, in the network of this land, grassroots power is quite powerful.

although Baidu is big now, the gas is also rough. To K K, so that a large number of Baidu webmaster passed on the survival of bile. But, the vitality of grassroots webmaster is very tenacious. Now because a large number of CMS programs and blog programs provide free next stop, so that site becomes very easy, so more and more people do web sites. Grassroots forces are becoming stronger and stronger.

is because of the grassroots team grow, so Ma play tricks, the guest, let’s do a large number of roots, the guest for its promotion. Recently, no matter, cyberloafing, found in various forums, post is Taobao Amoy link. And the network on a sudden emergence of a large number of guest website or store. It seems that Ma Yun’s approach, but also with the help of grassroots webmaster power, the expansion of the information surface. This approach is better than any advertisement. You go to advertising, but also the cost of advertising, and Amoy this practice, is nothing more than to increase the number of servers only, not out of their own too much money, let a large number of grassroots day and night, desperate for Taobao to do publicity.

No matter how

the result of this approach, only hope to do Amoy friends, in the promotion process of guest, can really make money.

this two days without incident, PHPCMS is also used to change a guest website, interested friends can discuss:

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