Network marketing will go from sensibility to reason

in the face of new things strange, human beings always experienced curious, questioning, impulse some perceptual process, and after a short or long impulse, will gradually calm down, and then the objective to make a reasonable evaluation, find a proper way, and play its due role.

In the development of the Internet Chinese

from the beginning of the 90s date, but really under the network business sense now is only ten years, but the network is under public speculation, experienced a bubble, winter and so on a series of ups and downs. The immaturity of emerging industries and the fear of wind and waves have made people more dependent on feelings to make decisions. Now, after ten years, especially in the last five years, China has built websites for service clients from large enterprises and small and medium enterprises to build their own business card websites. And then all enterprises rely on the search engine bidding, the major shopping malls opened a variety of members, in the website advertising and other means of marketing in a simple sense. Smart Companies in a time of exploration, and investment has become more rational, from perceptual orders, in the Internet industry staff is more and more difficult to deal with, which is also called the Internet came in the winter. In fact, the customer is not difficult, but a network of big trend, regardless of the industry, regardless of the company, ask the customer product features a direct recommendation network solution has been out of date.

Several events

08 years to review of the Internet community, in addition to the normal sense of the most cattle XX old topic, I want to have the use of network technology "classic 42 Jack" and "Wanglaoji marketing events". In the Internet, alas, the global economy is generally depressed. The opportunity implied by this incident will lead to the birth of a new industry – Internet marketing. This is already an obsolete word, but in China, the entire Internet industry, there are several real Internet marketing experts do?. Yes, yes, some of my buddies have fried XX people at very low prices, and have been able to borrow some entry point to get mad X events, that’s all. Because we do the Internet, still imagine how the customer’s money is too good to think, the enterprise has awakened. They are no longer satisfied with a business card website, or a universal network promotion product. What they need is a network marketing program that suits them. One in line with their own industry habits, in line with their own corporate culture, in line with their own product characteristics, fully in line with their own target customers use habits of network marketing program. Now, the big network environment is changing quietly. There are more and more choices in the network. People of different ages and classes will stop at different websites. Maybe they will often stay in the three major portals, but they will also set up their own online home in their peers of similar people gathered in, like most 70, 80 could not understand the non mainstream, but after 90 but never. This is determined by different values. The same is true of corporate customers. Few companies have products that are common to people between the ages of 0 and more than 100. So, enterprise >

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