How did he make 5 million fans from 0 fans

micro-blog V interesting, many fans, how did they do it? Today we grilled a steak well-known micro-blog fellow from his uncle, micro-blog Ba Yan values, to his degree, take you 360° understand a large operation by micro-blog.

1: who’s uncle


category: famous constellation, micro-blog, tuba,

fan count: 5 million 840 thousand

micro-blog introduction: "constellation is just entertainment, the ideal is to make fortune with fans"

two: How did Uncle fellow do it?

said a clear fellow uncle micro-blog development, please see below:

down here


read this picture that micro-blog is not easy to do, the most important point is how to more quickly find their own position, micro-blog has its own unique characteristics, give a fans attention your reasons, uncle is groping for a long time, a chance to discover the road sign, so to a bright road. But to find a location to adhere to do so will need to have more skills, want to know more to look down! Down here:

June 2013 fellow uncle micro-blog was born

6.18 fellow uncle blog day, beginning the uncle and universal cartoonists like micro-blog, are free to give the fans draw custom comics, look at these comics, each style is different, there is not much difference with other comics, causing much attention. Sure enough, he painted for a month without painting. Continue to explore their own style…


= free draw custom comics for fans

rely on fans to help draw cartoons is certainly not the cause of a lot of people’s attention, after all, a picture can only be touched by a fan, other fans can only see in, all the year round does not feel drained to themselves, naturally lose the passion of the attention. This is certainly not going to go well. What about the attention of micro-blog’s peripheral users,


is a good way to hot ah, just a small poster that era, spoof star posters chant, arouse their fans attention, he is Tucao or point of praise, as long as the attention. Expected, after the release of nearly five thousand forwards, directly up to a new height.


, micro-blog hot occasion

but the new problem again, micro-blog is not a hot day ah, uncle need to create new content to consolidate old fans every day, attract new fans attention? So this uncle began writing the comic series, that Internet users a variety of psychological funny cartoons.

of course, it’s very hard to rely on your own efforts

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