Local talent network development core the pursuit of local corporate interests and mass base combina

local talent website is a collection of local human resources information website, its superiority is that it can provide talent exchange, personnel information, personnel recruitment and job seekers for local people and resources, the development of local talent website can be said to have a direct relationship with local talent, I run the Chengde talent network has a year half the time, from the beginning to the present day tour website No one shows any interest in the amount of thousands, can be said to be absorbed a lot of website development and the essence of experience, and in my opinion now, the development of a most important place in the core is the pursuit of trust based local company and the masses.

When I was running a

local talent website to find some local labor dispatch company and Human Resources Inc, these companies have an advantage, it is rich in human resources, they are in the hands of the human information and human resources many, these are our website must borrow in the early development of the place, so how do we do the network and local company with local talent, let the people do trust? In my opinion are as follows.

initiative, pay close attention to hard work, can take the initiative to find some of the talent market, Human Resources Inc, talent exchange base, the local labor service company, find the person in charge of them seek cooperation between the two sides, many of these companies do not have time to the Internet operates a network platform to promote themselves, so we take the initiative to come is consistent with their expectations early, when we can take the method of sharing these companies, which provide us with other personnel information for each other, we free information and advertising, although these are not income, but it can in a very short time Neitishen website popularity, I remember the website provides information in three months the flow rate reached more than 500, so that the website can use the information is the basis for the development of local talent network . Of course, we as a web site, has the potential to seek cooperation above will be the other party that what is false, this time is not urgent, it can’t find a word, we don’t care about the feelings of others, even if the local companies can not, we can also help the local newspaper information, the newspaper information reprint up is also a good choice.


website again when free information, this time is that we will visit the user development for members of the time, we will be the site of the personnel information is divided into two parts, one is free to visit the information we can see, can be released 100 assignments, another is the membership information, if needed for more information you have registered, this is to establish foundation for the masses to visit the site, when a lot of people are holding a kind of experience the feeling, this time if he wants to see the really useful information, we will experience the feeling into his membership feeling, if he registered as a member of feeling inside information is really useful, then he will let countless people, because he felt his cognition is correct, so in the course of time, Our mass base has been gradually built up.

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