Baidu always makes me happy let me worry

June 14th, my new photo station,, is finally ready. With a very excited mood, only waiting for Baidu included. When I was done, I didn’t submit it to the major engines. Because once read a SEO article, say new sites are not submitted to the engine, the major engines will naturally included, but included time than submit to the engine relative to longer. So I didn’t submit the URL to the search engine at that time. Just, this new station and I did 2 months ago station ( each big engine normal included, site home first, PR=3, Baidu included 1000+. ) the link was swapped.

days go by and it’s been a week. What a rush! I’m looking forward to the new picture station every day as soon as possible. So the first thing I get up every morning to go to the computer is to go to Baidu site. Coincidentally, one day, coincides with Baidu every Wednesday or so big update, I once again did not hesitate to knock down the site, the results surprised me: Baidu finally included, happened to about a week. In fact, I know, not submitted to the engine’s Web site, usually after 1 months will be included in Baidu, but I was 1 weeks of the new station was included in Baidu, estimates have close relationship with the Links, because I did not do other promotion in advance. Most of the Baidu spider along the link address, climbed to my new station, included the home page, snapshot date is 6.18 days. Not only that, the major engines have also included this new station. Ha ha, don’t mention the fun,


but since the first Baidu included good times don’t last long, after, I insist every day update 20 article content (not the acquisition, the acquisition was asked not to love), often go to some of the famous forum included fast, top posts (of course with signature). However, second times, third times Baidu big update every Wednesday, my home page snapshot is still 6.18 days, did not increase any other page (of course, other engines are normally included, GG has been included on the more than 100 page. ) this has to make people wonder. I still don’t understand it until now. I insist on doing a month of content and promotion, the content has reached 400+, and the chain has reached 200+, anti Lian also has 9. Baidu why not update snapshot, I every day lead spider, do original content?.

ah, depressed, really depressed! This is really let me joy! However, since the station at this point, I also clung to confidence, continue to insist to be done, I believe that gold will shine in any place, Baidu will find out


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