Create 100 thousand P after the feeling seriously do stand intentions do station

I would like to design a website for Admin5 webmaster friends, it should not be a difficult thing. The difficult part is how we should design our exquisite website to serve more users. As long as you continue to stand, you can not do without promoting the topic of web site. Flow is the prelude to making money.

I do personal webmaster, time is not long, almost 3 years. 3 years when I had to build inside 100 thousand IP station (because of the early development goals change, in the sale of Admin5. You can ask the king. I took thousands to tens of thousands of IP sites, is countless. Maybe the webmaster friend thinks I’m bragging. Ha-ha。。 Of course, you can’t believe me. But believe in yourself as much as you do. As long as you work hard, you will succeed.

recently I’ve got a new site, a new site type that I’ve never touched on.

a weight loss web site, 99 weight loss network choose domain name, understand SEO friends all know why, I will choose Jianfei in the domain name this keyword., 99 can be understood as a long time, I hope to lose weight friends can hold on to their weight loss plan for a long time. Also hope that I can be with you for a long time to adhere to his original dream. The Internet gives us tears, sweat, sadness, joy, loss and passion. The Internet is unreal, but everything is so real.

many webmaster friends work late every day. It’s a relatively late night crowd. In fact, efforts are bound to be. But many webmasters are in a sub healthy state. Long term computer radiation, lack of exercise, body fat, even fatty liver, have seriously affected our health. After the proposal, Admin5 do a topic about webmaster health.

strong body is the foundation of enterprise. The day of success, if the body also collapsed. Who’s going to stand up to you,


because the threshold of entry is relatively low, our personal webmaster in China is also growing at a rapid rate. Directly lead to competition is also very intense. Often a small piece of meat are countless people in the snatch. In the end, there was not much to be gained. In fact, do stand regardless of amateur, is a hobby, is full-time. I think the first to correct an attitude, serious do station, carefully done station station such as the army, charismatic enterprising generals to bring out a brave soldier. Only you are in the station, inject your spirit, your efforts. I think you will succeed. A brother is not as tall as a man. Why do you just look at other people standing tall and unwilling to own the site will grow up? For yourself to be confident, and most of their own web site should also be confident.

or that sentence: perseverance is victory. Want to build 100 thousand IP please: seriously do stand, with new do station.

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