From the effect of my website the difference between Baidu promotion and Google Adsense

you know, the station station of the main profit model is advertising alliance. US advertising alliance Baidu in the domestic reputation is mainly Google Adsense, three big promotion, Ali mother alliance good reputation. Other minor league said that the deduction amount is serious, price is also relatively low, can also see many webmaster Posts Little League without complaints K number of events in each big Adsense BBS. Of course, Google and Baidu K, the post reaction also occasionally see. Why most webmasters is linked to Google Adsense, many people say that Adsense prices are high relative to other Union not less, but the fact that in recent months the Adsense Google price is not high, may be affected by Google events, Google Adsense reduced the percentage of

to the station?But

, the author of a stock station at the same time hung Google AdSense and Baidu promotion, the result is in fact or Google revenue is not high, the reason Google Adsense click price higher than Baidu promotion, in fact the price is a little high. The main reason is the advertisement matching and web advertising content. The more relevant, more content, higher cost, users are more interested in the website, click rate is higher. I stood stock two ad rate average is about Google Adsense hits in 1% to 2%, while the promotion of Baidu click rate is too low, only 0.2%. Even if I put Baidu promotion ads "the best location of the content page above two 300*280 placed side by side, click rate as well. The reason is Baidu promotion advertising matching is really very low with a stock. Net, Google display Chinese ads are most stock related content. Baidu promotion, 6 ads in only one stock related, other advertising is like what certain equipment company, what products such as advertisement, advertising is not related. And no suction force, users browsing not to click on.

however, Google technology is not so good. I think take stock website. As everyone knows, Google Adsense display principle is the higher price of advertising more priority display, but is sometimes deranged. Because the new page the stock network, not all is actually English advertising visit the page display. The reason is because I have a English station, is also linked to Google Adsense, of course English station and the Chinese station with a Google account. English station advertising prices than Chinese stand high, so also no one seems to visit the page according to the account to Google the default judgment, display advertising English high price stock. I just started on Google Adsense when the click rate is very low. The reason is that advertising is English, web surfers don’t click. Then click >

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