Network push hands to create the vortex of public opinion bottom line

The birth of the term "

Internet marketer" is related to a series of network Reds together, such as Sister Lotus, fairy sister, February, Yan…… With the popularity of these network reds, as a behind the scenes operator, "network push hands" this term gradually become familiar with.

industry insiders said that China’s current network of pushing hands, at least tens of thousands of people. The famous Internet promoter, Ren Ren, said: "now is the network push hands in the spring and Autumn period."."

the story of "sparrows change into phoenix"

before August 2005, Yu Hongyan was only a simple Qiang girl in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan. This year in August, the wave brother drove to Sichuan ABA county tourism, water carriage, he went to a farm road home by water, accidentally see sitting on the side of the road in a daze Qiang girl Yu hongyan.


got the approval, the man who loved traveling and photographing took a lot of pictures. On the second night, he published the set of photos at the TOM website auto forum. Through uninterrupted forum map, 3 months later, "angel sister" popular in the network.

"fairy sister" overnight, "sparrows become phoenix", has a large number of fans. The enterprise also aimed at the pure and lovely fairy sister, angel sister become Sony Ericsson mobile phone — a spokesman of a huge billboard, smiling angel sister. It is said that more than a year later, "fairy sister" to achieve the contract economic income of about 2000000 yuan.

like fairy sister rags and network Reds sister Furong, February girl, rogue Yan, very real combination……


behind the red man

people gradually discovered that the "red man" didn’t happen to be famous. They were behind the internet. Behind the angel sister is pushing hands behind the wave brother, Sister Lotus is Internet marketer Chen Mo. In May this year, a "ban" Wang Laoji post through the network spread, so that Wang Laoji sales soared. It is also behind the network push hands.

on the night of May 18, 2008, Wang Laoji donated 100 million yuan at a disaster relief gala held jointly by several ministries and CCTV. Then, "let Wang Laoji China disappear from the shelves! Block it posts!" appeared in the Forum: "Wang Laoji, you are cruel to donate one hundred million!! in order to control the arrogance of the enterprises, the supermarket buy light Wang Laoji! One can buy a jar of


"blocked" Wong Lo Wong’s post, three hours later, Baidu post bar about Wong Lo Kat posting more than 140 thousand. On the second day, more posts about Wong Lo Kat appeared in QQ, MSN, mobile phone text messages and forums and portals. Careful Netizens found that a lot of praise JDB (Wang Laoji company name) and Wang Laoji’s thread IP address is repeated.

Ren Ren defines the network push hands: "network push hands", also known as "network push guest", "network planner", know how to network promotion and >

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