Some of the views of Taobao 13 6 investment million to build the city of Taobao

Alibaba announced on January 5th that Taobao confirmed that it would invest 1 billion 360 million yuan in Hangzhou and build its first "Taobao city", which will be a large online shopping mall with an area of 450 mu. It is estimated that the construction period will last 5 years. Details: Taobao invested 1 billion 360 million yuan to build Taobao city in Hangzhou. It also verified the Alibaba group announced in the next five years on invested 5 billion yuan in the news in 08 years at the beginning of October. Why is Ali group in the Internet this move in the winter, the author analyzed as follows:

1, increase investment, increase competition with Baidu,

is well known that eBay and pat are now no threat to Taobao, and Taobao’s biggest competitor is Baidu. Baidu has cut the individual business, focused search engine and Baidu have developed, not only with the help of Baidu Baidu search advantage to promote the development of Baidu C2C, and with Baidu news, Baidu know heavy columns to promote the development of ah and ah, the channel also launched a series of activities such as ah Chinese will launch a joint fund for women’s development charity, push Merry Christmas gifts, new value activities to prepare a large number of credit evaluation system to kill "brush credit", "a penny" BaiduPay experience store shopping experience and so on to stimulate the attention of Internet users, attract more users to the Baidu platform. In this case, Taobao can only keep its first place by concentrating its firepower against Baidu.

two, build super business city circle, better do network business service

Taobao declared: "this Taobao city is not only a new home for Taobao’s small two, but also for our vast number of friends.". We will set up a special business district in Taobao City, to help you get online employment, and Taobao city as a model of online shopping center." According to statistics, in 2008, Taobao about 400000 people rely solely on Taobao net income to solve the employment problem, and about 1000000 people indirectly rely on Taobao employment. According to the relevant state departments of statistics, 09 years will have 6 million 110 thousand college students graduated in the global economic downturn, more than 90% enterprises 09 years will no longer recruit new people, according to the analysis, 30% of the graduates find work is very good, the rest of the 4 million college students to find a lot of work how to do? The students think of the open shop, through the online shop to solve the employment problem, and enterprise unemployed also joined the ranks of online business, so Taobao analysis "in 09 years there will be about 600000 people directly and fully rely on and employment, there are nearly 2 million people in the Taobao online indirect employment." There is a certain basis for the data. However, the biggest difficulty for students to set up shop online is the shortage of funds. There is a high rate of failure and very little profit in online shop, which leads to the deterioration of the environment for students to set up shop online. This is reflected in the Taobao community postings, so Taobao needs better services to strengthen guidance and provide services to more small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers in Taobao.

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