Talking about the most annoying user experience in website construction

website construction in the rapid development of the Internet era has become a technical threshold low, now many site is through the network to download the program to revise and apply a domain name space and built a website. So, as more and more sites on-line, the user experience is put on a level, many large portals have appeared when users access the site to find problems and put forward reasonable suggestions to improve the user experience of specialized departments. And many sites in order to improve the amount of access and access to more advertising opportunities, regardless of user experience, using rogue means. New treasure net in the website construction in many years of experience and user survey statistics, found that the following are some of the most annoying user experience:

1, website pop-up ad. Before the Internet advertising show a single form, usually the site pop-up advertising, in the first station when it automatically pop-up an advertising page. So there was a lot of browser filtering ad functionality. There are still several websites that still employ such an advertising display, which is rather offensive. It is recommended to download Maxthon browser.

2, website floating ad. Most of the website a few years ago, there is such a function, when the page is opened, each page has a floating small square photo, full version of the mobile floating, some websites even a few such floating ads, completely left regardless of the user experience. As a result, a significant number of browsers have developed the ability to filter floating ads. And this year, similar floating advertising has no market, and relatively rare, can be described as a nuisance.

3, the site opens a new window. Although many people like the website to open a new window, but if you open every page is a new window, it will greatly affect the user experience. For example, from the home page click to see an article, click to enter new window after reading, see related articles, click again, and it is a new window, and so on, after reading several articles of the taskbar arrangement was already crowded, and don’t say another possible bomb advertising pages, quite Speechless.

4, the content of excessive paging. Some websites in order to improve the PV, will be an article with automatic program is divided into several small pages, read a paragraph to a page, or even a short time, and may turn to the second page third page is a word or a symbol, I believe you also have such experience, the result is nothing more than a off.

5, non – three click reading. Usually site has a principle that three clicks can read the article, but some websites, large portals are in the majority, regardless of this principle, so that people are not ashamed. I like to see a more interesting articles on the home page, click to enter, I have a lot of content, but I want to see this? Look, oh, see, click again, there is a lot of content, the original is a small bar to look for the channel content, and then click to enter again, there is a special page, searched for, click, finally appeared >

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