Talk about grassroots blog become brand blog of several major factors

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‘s topic today is that many people have been looking for it. Although the subject itself is old and a little divorced from reality, the low level once again wanted to make some meaningful sums. You are welcome to comment, criticize, correct –

such as the title, what factors make a brand blog? Long William will tell you: "visibility essential"; Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong may think: "this is the promotion of skills and coverage"; keso (Hong Bo) may say: "a dominant view"; I love Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil insisted: "attention is the Libo; Fried Eggs, niche software, scientific squirrel, crab etc. but entertainment believed:" to cater to the audience tastes, demand is the most urgent"…… But all this is not to our interpretation of the "it"? I think, behind the Hot Blog success hide this topic answer.

1) popularity.

popularity has been the dream of billions of bloggers. Have it, like the hands have a golden flexibly, can be called the rain could, a great mottaki. But the popularity of the forging, but it is a tortuous process. It requires that you have enough patience, perseverance, knowing how to stay asleep, and how to assess the situation. You also need to have excellent professional skills and can make a difference in your topic of concern, and be able to distinguish yourself from others…… All this is not something that can be done overnight. Moonlight from IT small Bo to name Bo, in the middle spent a few years, now make it easy, and set up their own creative team, adhere to the "Moonlight" brand. And how many people, a few years or even longer, always not to build a decent site? They are not bad luck, there are too many factors at work, technology, ideas, insight, patience, personality…… It’s easy to be a full blogger, and it’s hard to be a full person,


2) brilliant promotion skills and extensive coverage.

this is another brand shaping tool. Just like TV commercials, they don’t pay attention to depth, but seek extensive coverage. Lu Songsong is quite familiar with this law. He understood a truth: seeing is believing. Only by constantly stimulating your eyes can you make it easier for them to remember you. So, he would go to many places every day, leaving a lot of footprints, so that "Lu Songsong" these three words appear again and again. He has good grasp of rhythm, not the mad drying is not only fried rotten, do one-time deal, but relatively regularly visit periodically, like to help others with homework when he felt like, you will forget him, he had to remind you to review. Promotion is precisely like this, must pay attention to the skill and the method delicacy. Those rough tricks, such as "lost end link disappeared" and "false display of affection touted" or "stick to a small circle" and so on, to reach the height of people.

3) distinctive personality, novel and original, sharp article view.


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