Zhou Ning O2O will be deep integration with local sites

must say, O2O is not B2C. A few years ago, when we built localized vertical mall, we found that local mass consumption online payment is not reliable, and then directly did not do this function, in fact, the mind is "later"". The idea is challenged by some metaphysical people: "what is this mall? Can pay online?" — a fluke, such mall is now to name the name, called O2O, a time fired into a star.

but, here it comes again. A pile of "contrary to the theory, results will return theory" people began to debate: what is O2O? Some people a little superfluous to O2O: "how to solve local mobile O2O payment and logistics?" another thought theory to understand in order to hide himself in the dull, said: "the O2O actually started is the concept of sub Ukraine must have


so what’s the legend of O2O? The noun is no longer introduced. Talk about attributes directly:

1 and O2O have localized attributes.

for many years, we have not been sufficiently profound in describing localization attributes, which shows our lack of awareness. Initially, we describe the localized attributes of the term "customization, non standardization, bulk commodities"; however, this does not explicitly indicate the localization of the core. The word "O2O" is an inspiration: "online soliciting, offline buying", which accurately describes the behavior. But what is the essence? A few months ago, I finally came to an exact word: experience.

takes the same approach when buying goods, buying goods that cannot be represented by indicators or standards, buying people’s skills, customized goods, and so on: site experience.


is going to experience the scene, it must be related to the local attributes and related to LBS, so it’s best to move. However, in terms of concepts, it is best to make clear that LBS is not necessarily related to mobile properties.

what are the benefits of experience based behavior,


1, authenticity, detail, inclusion process.

2, high conversion, real plus interaction, then the result is very high ROI. It has been proved by many cases in the practice of several years.

two and O2O have social attributes.

any digital technology is no substitute for real human display, just like human communication: no matter how accurate a rational word is described, it is not as convincing as a vivid example. Therefore, we see the so-called 3D case defeated like the video, and social cases such as mogujie.com shirupozhu. This is the experience of the core attributes of the requirements: "details, process decisions, whether authentic or credible."." Thus, O2O has to have social attributes, only socialization can process, details can be the most authentic

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