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micro-blog, from birth to now has attracted much attention, but with the rise of WeChat, micro-blog seems to decline in activity. However, the future development of WeChat and micro-blog has been a topic of concern for Internet users. From a macro point of view, micro-blog has more media attributes and is suitable for the dissemination of brand value. And WeChat more social attributes, more suitable for word of mouth marketing.

Micro-blog and WeChat

in the end will now we may decide on what path to follow, after the Internet, each product can make nothing of it, super show, wind scene light for a period of time is essential, for example, group purchase in 2012 2011, brilliant period, the throes of 2013, stable


micro-blog, today, is really changing people’s lives, changing the way people access information, everyone is a reporter, and everyone is an information source. But fans have been a pain in the hearts of many micro-blog users.

interactive, for Internet products, whether online or offline, are the most important. Everyone wants attention, everyone wants communication. "The author of" extremely micro force, social marketing researcher Du Zijian, at 19:16 on March 4, 2013, but the most common way, its value reflected some micro-blog, the micro-blog content is: [three] you fly on my fans, in order to increase your fans growth. Please in my post "three powder", or "concern" thread you upstairs to the three person – I hope you each powder, increase their number of fans. (repeat "powder three.") and see how it works,


, and as of 23:34 on March 5, 2013, micro-blog forwarded 20759 times, the review reached 184812 times, was praised 468 times. Du Zijian himself learned from micro-blog, at 13:28 this afternoon, this post forwarding is about to reach the 100 thousand mark, at 22 in the evening 03 points, this post forwarding is about to break through the 200 thousand mark. As at 10 o’clock on March 6th, has been forwarded 21966 times, comment 212626 times, was praised 494 times.

known as the first electricity supplier micro-blog Gong Wenxiang, see Du Zijian in the micro-blog, a micro-blog, at 22:35 on March 4th as follows: micro-blog’s recent activity decreased a lot, just to see the old Du made an online game of mutual powder, feel very fun, in the field of electricity supplier dongshixiaopin copy: only for business circles people think they are business people, this micro-blog comment on "mutual powder", the people behind the attention in front of 10 people to comment, such comments per person increased live powder 10 electric business people.

as of 23:34 on March 5, 2013, micro-blog forwarding reached 1454 times, the review reached 9261 times, was praised 36 times. For participating in the activities of the excellent electricity supplier counterparts, Gong Wenxiang strongly recommended on micro-blog, the effect is very obvious. As at 10 o’clock on March 6th

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