Myth survival of the nternet community in Chinese Siju and living law


has no permanent winner in the food chain of China’s internet.

Cao Guowei said micro-blog is now being WeChat’s impact, but at least micro-blog has more than 400 million registered users, but also to maintain the fire on the surface, while micro-blog on a victim — once fiery community — in fact already lost now.

NetEase has just closed its own community, and the listing plan, which began four years ago, has not yet been put into practice. Faced with this situation, our question is: has the community died in China under the impact of various social products,


community’s bloody twilight

launched in 1999, 13 years later, now the Tianya registered users is only about 76000000, while the number of online remained at around 1 million, which is currently the most mature and most active community. By contrast, micro-blog has registered more than 400 million subscribers to Sina online for just three years, and in our view, NetEase, micro-blog, which is the most dismal of the four portals, also claims that its users are over 260 million.

When the

in June, the 120 world ranking on Alexa in domestic websites, but less than half the time, but it has dropped to 138 in 2010, micro-blog did not appear, the ranking is 100.

In the face of micro-blog

for the last two or three years, overbearing offensive, the slowdown or even stagnation while encounter users, the flow continues to decline, resulting in consequence is the horizon and gradually become a domestic Internet game player two or three.


everyone to keenly aware of the phenomenon is, after micro-blog is increasingly hot, especially in the last half of the year, hot topics, and influence events almost all is produced and spread from micro-blog, and there has been the focus of less and less, and more and more as a spectator, follower.

in China, from the point of view, the Internet economy is the focus and exposure to the world economy, so it is now the biggest problem is with the continuous decline in crisis and its influence, which the advertising business will decline. Although the construction of Tianya platform despite planning for a long time, but so far is still not so mature, nor did it build a strong enough revenue model.

Tianya future advertising prospects, tens of billions is possible. If we cover a larger number of users, then hundreds of billions of revenue can not be excessive.

this is the 2010 horizon chairman Xing Ming issued a heroic utterance, but now it seems that the possibility of such confidence finally is becoming more and more.

skyline or domestic development?

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