The local property network has verified the potential benefits of the new model to share

Now the

network environment is not very good and this is well known, many owners have moved to the local market, but compared to the local market and the network market is two market different, have different rules, publicity, promotion and profit in different ways, as early as two years to be a direct garbage station, work flow SP, put some advertising, do exchange chain, money is faster, but it’s not too good to do, except they are old, stuffy head to make money, because this is a competition on the network. The local station, due to geographical reasons, but there is no such situation. Now let me say how my property network works. As everyone knows, the local real estate network are based on advertising fees, franchise fees to these money, for the novice, in a short period of time to collect advertising fees is a very difficult thing, but also make visibility, allow developers to accept is not able to complete work within a short period of time.

my operation is:

one, let developers eat free lunch.

two, let developers taste the taste of the network, but can not eat the mouth.

three, taste it and eat it in your mouth, but you need to pay for it.

then I’d like to say "

" one by one

1, to eat free lunch, for developers, generally divided into two cases, developers own development, their own sales, developers development, to the professional agent company sales. So this free lunch will work for anyone, let your website give them free groups. Just don’t collect their money and introduce them to the customer.

two, but not to eat the taste, this operation requires skills, first of all to give him a list of customers, and these customers if valid, in front of a few before you be sure they want to buy a house, and willingness of the developers, and then to number three or four on the line the rest is only the name, no phone. Everybody knows that.

three, mouth to eat to pay, this is not necessarily the first few transactions, but they do not have the intention may have a variety of reasons to clinch a deal, but the customer is true, good luck may be a transaction, then the rest is your weight, say about money, or to advertise him the list is either to his organization group purchase then collect intermediary costs, we are 1% intermediary fee.

my station is Shangqiu real estate network, we can see, there is a middle of the house and buy advertising, this ad is, I use the above three steps to do. I was lucky. I got two sets in the middle of the list. Then they made one year AD, and then gave me a 1% Commission for the one-time customers, 0.8% of the mortgage clients. A house is probably around 2500-3200 yuan. We started the month before the spring festival. Then I’ll post the ad and send the article. Yes, the ad on the phone is me

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