Ji’nan spring people home female entrepreneurship contest ended

the arrival of the new year, female entrepreneurs have ushered in a new development opportunities. In the past year, many female customers have proven their achievements through practice. With more women entrepreneurship support in place, there will be more entrepreneurs to participate in the cause of development.

the contest by the Municipal Women’s Federation, the city and Social Council, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Ji’nan newspaper group, Ji’nan radio and television network, China (Shandong) and other units jointly organized by the. The contest is to implement the national public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation deployment requirements, the implementation of the municipal Party committee to build four centers, the construction of modern spring, the specific task of the specific initiatives. The event was awarded the 123 prize in the competition, such as the representative of the "Ji’nan’s most beautiful home business women" award, for the Ji’nan "spring people" female entrepreneurs logo designers awarded certificates. 6 outstanding entrepreneurs to share the entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial experience.

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