Ruichang Jiangxi city with the full upgrade of entrepreneurial services

no matter when, want to get the opportunity of development, we need to proceed from reality, pay attention to the most important, the most urgent need to solve the problem. Jiangxi, Ruichang, an in-depth understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, the use of training and support to help support the two entrepreneurs ahead.

change monthly and students contact at least return 2 times to 4 times, teachers and students of the QQ group is updated every day of mutual interest; establish the evaluation system of tracking service. From the 4 aspects of the establishment of student files, tracking service records, tracking service, to solve the problem of accounting for image evaluation; after 3 months according to their feedback of "recycled recycling" focus on learning negotiation.

The city is a

the city also with the postal bank, credit cooperatives closely, through the issuance of small loans to support and encourage self employment growth, relieve their financial pressure, stimulate their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, recommended

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