How to play the food supply chain Market

as a successful leader must know about the restaurant every flow of catering business channels, strategizing. Food and beverage industry as a traditional industry, in addition to its own deep foundation of the advantages, but also to promote the development of related industrial chain role play. The procurement and supply of food is one of the following. Supply chain is too long will cause unnecessary waste, how to play the food and beverage supply chain market?

huge prospects for the opportunity to make a lot of entrepreneurs into the market. The restaurant after market service startups with people AP Hotel Alliance, and chain of agricultural, chef net, Helen of Troy etc.. Among them, the agricultural chain to get $8 million financing this year, investment institutions is the famous Sequoia Capital, but also in the year to get the 15 million chef network finance US former vice president Yu Jun at the same time, Baidu also joined the entrepreneurial team.

supply chain industry is a very traditional industry, has always been there, and supply chain management is not a simple procurement. For large catering enterprises, every day facing numerous and complicated kinds of procurement requirements, only through scientific management system can meet, and to ensure that thousands of restaurant offers efficient, stable and safe.

so many startups and investors scramble to enter this blue ocean, in addition to the long-term accumulation of pain in the industry itself needs to be resolved, but more of the importance of food safety in food and beverage industry procurement. At the same time for small and medium restaurants, food procurement is a high frequency of high rigid demand, businesses need to purchase almost every day, the purchase of a high rate of high viscosity, water.

after catering market O2O: the next Internet outlet

Beijing, currently has more than 95 thousand restaurants, including small and micro restaurants have accounted for 70%, minus the procurement center of the restaurant, about 5 or so, and so many small restaurants will become the startup target users.

Supply chain management

large chain catering enterprises there are two main modes, a terminal enterprises direct management of suppliers; the other is a terminal corresponding enterprises only first tier suppliers, a supplier to many corresponding upstream suppliers. Take yum, there are more than and 400 suppliers in the country, by a professional team of 439 people to manage.

and so down it requires enormous cost for large catering enterprises also can accept, is going to have to do, and for those small and medium-sized restaurant, they also need to purchase, but also need to have the supply chain, but they are not so much cost.

most of the small and medium restaurants are responsible for the procurement of food by the boss himself or the buyer, every day to 3>

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