The example of Veterans’ sweet Entrepreneurship

what would you do if you retired from the ranks? With an injury can not be eliminated, can not do heavy work, this experience is not everyone can have, many people may have such a text but unable to get up after a fall, the protagonist Tao Shengang will use their own personal example, tell you his general.

7 18 in the morning, the weather is hot in Jiaojiang, three pillars of the liberation of the village street, 80 after the guy Tao Shengang is busy picking muskmelon farms. "This can sweet, good sales, estimated this year can be guaranteed, next year will be able to make money." Speaking of the melon prospects, Tao Shengang heart happy.

to often run the Civil Affairs Bureau Tao Shengang, Jiaojiang Civil Affairs Bureau of the special care and placement section Gao Qigang deep impression. From the end of 2010 to the end of the year, Xiao Tao will come to our Civil Affairs Bureau, sometimes temper up, he will take the table." Gao Qigang said that the policy can be given to the treatment of civil affairs departments have been given, but for the retired soldiers, the government to implement monetary resettlement, the work needs to find their own.

> Tao Shengang

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