What are the 2014 gold projects for College Students

now, many college graduates are hoping to start a business, earn the first pot of gold in life. So, in 2014, what are suitable for college students gold project? Let’s take a look.

Tatuyangzhi feeding Rex is a small investment, low risk and high benefit of the rapid turnover of industry. Have a group of rabbits (5 females and 1 male) slaughter average 125, each calculated according to 50 yuan, the annual sales income of 6250 yuan, net cage, rabbit, feed, prevention of drug, the year income of up to 2000 yuan. Second years, rabbit cage no more investment, more considerable benefits. Rex small size, less occupied space, is conducive to industrial intensive production (available idle plant), can also break up the whole into parts, the scale can be large or small.

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