Tsinghua University held a special enterprise recruitment

in order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Tsinghua University recently held a special job fairs, to participate in the recruitment of enterprises are entrepreneurial enterprises. The school hopes to narrow the distance between students and entrepreneurial enterprises, so that students fully experience the difference between entrepreneurship and learning.

10 15, the Tsinghua University’s first venture enterprise recruitment will be opened, including hundreds of high-quality entrepreneurial enterprises Xinjiang, Sogou, knowing, destined network, pea pods, tenderness, to recruitment, providing a total of more than 3000 entrepreneurship training posts.

the recruitment for a period of two days, in addition to Tsinghua students, is also open to the surrounding university. Reporters on the scene saw the presence of entrepreneurial enterprises, both well-known higher entrepreneurial enterprises, such as know almost, Sogou, etc., but also some emerging companies, such as footprints, all loans, etc.. In addition, there are some companies founded by Tsinghua graduates back to recruiting, such as beauty scientists etc.. These companies to provide jobs in the technology, the market class, which is given a monthly salary of more than ten thousand dollars of this position engineer. However, with the recruitment of enterprises to promote the formation of a warm contrast, the number of students is not a lot of students. Many students said that although the recognition of the rise and growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, but really want to join, to be inspected. Knowledge of the network, said the person in charge of personnel, received a resume is not as expected, the students feel more students to come to consult with them, and the post is not particularly matched.

and traditional recruitment will be different, the Tsinghua venture corporate recruiting jobs, more than half of internship positions, in the recruitment of graduates, will also serve the school each grade for undergraduate and graduate students to let more students to participate in innovation and industry experience, to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Universities and in order to build bridges between students and enterprises. The Tsinghua University through entrepreneurship training in the form of innovative entrepreneurship education to promote the development of positive exploration, but also the first organized by the University organized a large-scale recruitment for the entrepreneurial enterprises.

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