Open nn in Lijiang to enjoy the opportunity to start a career

people are accustomed to being bound by a fixed pattern of life, it is difficult to make a decision to change the already familiar way of life, and the girl on the break, with their hearts set foot on the unusual entrepreneurial path.

store name: Anne

under section 81

in Old Town of Lijiang, a lucky Inn, in such a place full of surprise, this sign does not seem strange, too obscure, and even can be said to be ordinary. But it is such a common name, but the voice of a lot of tourists – a look forward to Lijiang. The operator of this inn is two a more than and 20 year old girl, here the guest and they become friends. It is their sincerity and attitude that they have chosen to experience the slow pace and happy life.

One of the partners

today interviewed Anne investment shop inn to listen to her brother, to tell her and her inn.

how long?

hope brother: April 25, 2014 officially opened today, two months a year.

shop?I love your brother:

in Beijing high pressure of work, one day the subway to work, next to the two aunt in the fight, suddenly in the mind a thought, don’t want to live this life, do not want to live in Beijing. Just at that time in Lijiang friends want to re open the inn, in the circle of friends to recruit partners, they are the heart, within a week if I enough money we decided to do, then impulsively with funds to Lijiang.



hope brother: when we first started two people rented a hotel, there are six rooms, each investment of about 130 thousand yuan, 200 thousand of the rent, more than 30 thousand deposit, plus some soft outfit recommended Inn

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