How to control the Shenzhen nail households

in the development process of the city, a lot of local demolition, local people can be divided into several sets of houses. However, some "nail households" is deliberately looking for cheap or not satisfied for the policy, which will have a great impact on the work of the government. So, how to control the Shenzhen "nail households"?

wants to be a nail? No way!

last year Shenzhen City Planning Commission began drafting the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone City Renewal Ordinance (Draft)", the "Regulations" with the recent news: Planning Commission responded that the "Regulations" has been submitted to the Shenzhen municipal legislative affairs office for review, which intends to set down compensation ratio, compulsory sale system is still in the demonstration and improvement and the subsequent operation, the executive level still needs further consideration.

this is known as the city of Shenzhen, the project has a decisive impact on the regulation of the Ordinance, had a debut on the controversial, and the focus of the dispute is mainly sixtieth [forced sale application]:

market to organize the implementation of the demolition and reconstruction of city renewal project, in a few subjects of the right of refusal and the main implementation of the project signed relocation compensation agreement, the implementation of the project is within the scope of the project case, with more than 95% (including 95%) the property rights of people, to project the location of the district government for compulsory sale the project within the scope of all real estate.

in other words, the demolition project more than 95% of people agree with the demolition, the rest can only obediently agreed to when the nail? No way!

to Shenzhen, but the rule of "high price" coup. Why, listen to the Lord slowly ~~

"urban renewal"

want to stabilize Shenzhen’s high prices, the first priority is to ease the contradiction between supply and demand in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, the battle depends on the city’s renewal.

update in Shenzhen city because of the overall residential market accounted for showing "increasing" situation, "13th Five-Year" period is expected to reach nearly 8 of the proportion (Shenzhen Committee of city planning and land resources data).

data show that in 2011 Shenzhen city renewal project supply about 910 thousand square meters of commercial housing in 2012, about 1 million 480 thousand square meters, about 2 million 900 thousand square meters in 2014 2013, about 2 million 560 thousand square meters, accounting for the city’s real estate market supply ratio was 21%, 23%, 35%, 35%. 2015, in addition to moving back to the original owners of the property, the urban renewal of commercial housing supply of about 4 million 360 thousand square meters, accounting for the city’s total of 47%.


13th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen plans to supply land for housing construction in 800 recommended

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