Silicon Valley entrepreneur Reid Hoffman business

Silicon Valley in the United States is personnel intensive places, but also countless entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial paradise, as Silicon Valley connections to the king, Reed · Hoffman’s position is irreplaceable, his story is always so wonderful.

in Silicon Valley, Hoffman was posted on multiple labels, in addition to SocialNet LinkedIn, founder of Silicon Valley, he was also one of the most prolific and successful angel investors, investment in the early stage of Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Airbnb and other star enterprise, known as the "king of Silicon Valley network".

of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, they all have entrepreneurial ideas, to explore the technology innovation, or the financing needs of the Hoffman, they are extremely want to see people. Hoffman had entrepreneurial experience, let him know how to get the first batch of key users, how to make the product has enough differentiation, how to take the risk rationally. "My work experience, let me have the intuition of a great entrepreneur should be long what kind, and they have to be able to understand the problem, will soon be able to change some things, and make the link between the different elements of skills."

Hoffman with their own experience to illustrate. He noted that the most important turning point in his career was when he started investing in PayPal. "At that time, the two founders of PayPal came to me and said there was a great idea

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