Have you ever thought so hard why so poor

in time to go to school every day in that class will engage in the hard work very hard for students but the results are not very good, there is no wonder why, because the method is not the same in the business field method does not work hard again to no great harvest.

1, no target or target is not clear

there is no goal, no direction, although every day to do more, but do not know what they are doing, why to do, in the end what to do, there is no planning, anyway, they are busy on the right. This is a big problem, although a lot of people every day in the continuous work of learning, but it seems to become a habit, not to muddle along without any aim of studying, and it is used every day to see, but not thinking. If you call it learning or doing more than others, then I would prefer to say that it is a waste of time than others.

in an industry to do a thing, we must first have their own goals, may be your goal will change, but no matter how changed, first you have to give yourself a position to set a goal for yourself. With the goal, with the planning, you will know what you should do, not what to do, with the goal, you know you have not done right, so you will progress, you will get closer and closer to making money.

2, too impetuous

impetuous, simply is not patient, can not adhere to. A lot of people look at others say that this money to do a good job, immediately look at the relevant articles, to buy the relevant software, reported to the relevant VIP, immediately on the stem, the results did not do a few days, no response, it gave up. After a few days and see others say another good, and the resurgence.

Internet is a gold mine, but not many can go fast, if you insist on not down, and want to find a shortcut, think simply to make money, but also earn more than others, or that behave is to buy a lottery ticket. In fact, dare to dare to perform the operation is very good, but don’t know what to do and what mix of pen is a pen, do not pay attention to summing up and insist that if money, wood can only say you good luck.

3, receive too much information, can not digest

Internet is a typical information overload, what is missing is the lack of information. A lot of people every day to see the article video, one by one, there is time to look at, constantly receiving information. Some people say that every day you can see 1000 articles, I can only say that just read it, did not think, did not consume the information. What is the digestion can not afford the consequences? Is more and more information in the brain, but not their own things, others say one thing you can think of a lot of relevant information, which is to say a word.


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