Made in Hefei lead the world into a new era of new slogan

in manufacturing China domestic one name is actually very loud, is Chinese manufacturing, many people have China for manufacturing a vocabulary that is very proud, also in Anhui, Hefei, now Hefei manufacturing has become a slogan.

is located in the National University Science and Technology Park Hefei Aike Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. is a product of several joint venture of University of Science & Technology China alumni dr.. Dong Ning, one of its founders, was selected in 2012 in Hefei".

2011 in March by Dr. many from the University of Science & Technology China established Hefei Aike Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the main research and development company photoelectric integrated high-tech products.

"tongsudeshuo, our company is doing a related detection of industrial products, such as various defects on the TV set, mobile phone LCD screen detected, these are not the only artificial detection." Dong Ning told reporters. However, compared with other foreign products, their products apparently do not have absolute advantage.

in the chat Ning Dong found inspiration, to provide faster and better service for the user to become the company’s competitiveness. Dong Ning and the entrepreneurial team developed a number of main push products, the market was quickly welcomed. Their technology, can be recommended for foreign products three

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