Eight thousand passenger how fast food business

eight thousands of fast food? Fast food to join the project selection of eight thousand guest fast food is good, for those who do not know how to join the brand’s investors, the following will make a brief introduction to the brand.

eight thousands of fast food franchise mode and cost:

eight thousands of customers to join the franchise and investment alliance to join the two

franchise form —-

investment in the United States, from the store (more than 300 square meters in line with the use of food and beverage stores)

municipalities, municipalities in the Special Administrative Region of a single franchise franchise fee is 300 thousand; the provincial capital city of a single franchise franchise fee is $250 thousand;

prefecture level city area single chain franchise fee is 200 thousand; county (city) level / town level single chain franchise fee is 150 thousand;

investment pool form —-

approved by the headquarters of the excellent business circle, the eight thousand customers will be outside the prospectus, the company in the form of joint stock, the company’s management to expand outlets.

associates do not charge a fee, eight thousands of customers to the brand, intangible assets, technology licensing fees, accounting for about 20% of the total investment.

natural persons, legal persons can apply for ownership of eight thousand passengers. According to the prospectus eight thousand passengers may be appropriate to increase the shares of the company. Financial and managerial personnel appointed by eight thousand customers.

performance bond —-


single deposit is 100 thousand yuan; after the expiration of the contract, no breach of contract and the demolition of eight thousand VI off all markers after deposit without interest refund.

brand maintenance fee —

headquarters each year to collect fixed brand maintenance fee 10 thousand yuan

eight thousand fast food service and support

first, welcome to join the eight thousand passenger whirlwind camp, you need to have:

is keen to food service; have a certain understanding of the franchise; identity eight thousand guest headquarters of the business philosophy, recognition and acceptance requirements to join headquarters and follow-up management; have a certain financial strength;

strong sense of competition and business sense; have certain management, coordination and social skills;

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