Cloud taste of the bridge across the street to join the number of how much money

brand marketing model is a comparison of the value of the food and beverage entrepreneurs are marketing strategy, and now catering business projects in addition to individual business is franchising, the latter is the franchise. Because the selection of brands to join the industry workers can save you a lot of time to run, so you have more energy to run the most important link. Of course, there will be a lot more than their peers. To this end, the brand to join the more obvious advantages, the more investors will be attracted, the greater the intensity of development. Cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge as a noodle noodle noodle industry star brand, has been its obvious advantages to join the majority of investors to win the favor and attention, then the cloud taste of the bridge crossing the bridge rice is how much?

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle join fee:

first choose to join the Cloud Bridge noodle taste museum will have a specific join costs 50 thousand yuan, secondly, by joining the contract constraints, but also to regulate the franchisees to join in for the first time for 6 years, and the annual management fee is 6000 yuan, this one is clearly stated in the contract, the margin of 30 thousand other expenses, including renovation of equipment and materials, ah ah, staff salary, cash flow, an estimated 100 thousand, in so doing, the Cloud Bridge noodle taste Museum jiamengfei a total investment of 200 thousand, if you have strong economic strength, can also consider larger stores, more than 100 square meters can also, of course, the total investment cost the high, but many investors are based on venture capital for the first time, we are still to be safe, highly entrepreneurial shop franchise started from, as long as 200 thousand.

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle join advantage:

1, the company provides a unified operating manual, uniform clothing, uniform tableware, authorized bronze, authorization certificate

2, the history of the national food and beverage industry chef for you to explain the operation of experts and food production of the core technology, site selection by the company’s professional operations team, to the local investigation, select the best shop address,

3, the company provides a unified decoration template, unified VI, so that your store standardization

4, the company operating team, from the procurement of equipment to opened their doors, one for you to answer the operation of hundreds of operations consulting experts, to provide nanny tracking service for your shop, ensure the successful operation of

5, the company by the professional marketing planning team, unified advertising for the national franchise, the development of marketing planning program

6, by the country’s top chef team, according to local tastes tailored to update the management of the headquarters will strictly control the cooperation area, strict regional protection, protection of the rights and interests of partners

7, headquarters will send operations management team

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