By Mianyang innovation and entrepreneurship training camp

want to take some detours on the road of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to enhance their entrepreneurial ability, entrepreneurship training to do a good job, so as to ensure that the cause of the chain can not be carried out.

3 30, by Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd., a red hat, the legal branch service center, service center and high tech Zone, Mianyang city of science and technology, jointly organized by the Sichuan service company, 712 public record space, a foundation contractor, Chinese science and Technology City hit off the club, 1716 venture industry field with the first phase "by Mianyang · innovation and entrepreneurship training camp held at the innovation center two success, invited from Microsoft (China), red hat law southwest Star Cafe, all aspects of in-depth counseling lean entrepreneurial road, 147 for entrepreneurs is a gluttonous feast.

in addition, provides zero distance communication opportunities for entrepreneurs and the big coffee guests, and specially set up a one-stop business advisory services, to further attract from many areas of environmental protection, software development, mechanical manufacturing, cultural creativity, incubators and other 147 entrepreneurs on friction and exchange. The organizers said, the future will continue to build a system of professional learning and communication mode, fully focus on the elite entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial elite project, open up new investment circle, "expand actively help small, continue to make more efforts for the exchange and cooperation of entrepreneurs.


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