Delicious bombing squid meet the current needs of the people

because people’s lives are not the same thing, the nature of the pursuit of consumer goods will be different levels. Demand for food is also rising, people are constantly looking for a variety of unique flavor delicacy to meet their needs, delicious bombing large squid takes hundreds of years of cultural accumulation, all kinds of series has also developed, are renowned for most countries in the world. Delicious bombing of the squid into the mainland, a lot of diners praise and sought after.

Deep sea squid

delicious bombing large squid tail type selection of maximum, large wall thickness, timely preservation, fleshy compact, strictly fresh products after processing, and then cut to shape, peeled, pickled, wrapped slurry, powder and other multi-channel processes, through high temperature frying ripe, then the removal of patent oil equipment products to take off the oil, both to ensure the bombing of squid meat is tender and soft elastic teeth, skin burnt crisp, and ensure that no ordinary entrance fried greasy feeling.

delicious bombing squid, flexible sales model to make it delicious spread. A selection of delicious bombing of the giant squid to join, you can choose the small cart, go where, where you can earn; open stalls shop, diners have continued, continuously, shop can easily profit; you can also open a delicacy city shop, the gold zone, unique taste to stop the footsteps of diners.

in order to meet the different preferences of consumers, delicious bombing giant squid headquarters has introduced a variety of different flavors of delicacy, including salt and pepper taste of lemon, honey mustard, cumin flavor, let the various preferences of consumers can get satisfying taste. And in order to ensure that the squid’s most perfect taste, delicious bombing of the squid insisted on the sale is now fried, making squid meat soft and soft teeth, full of juice, bring diners enjoy the ultimate delicious.

delicious bombing squid exclusive secret sauce, is a variety of flavors to choose, there is a suitable for you. When the bombing of the giant squid delicious exclusive secret sauce "deep sea squid" achievements of a popular snack legend! Delicious bombing large squid flexible sale mode to make it tasty spread! You can choose a small cart, go where, where to earn


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